February 11th, 2012

Medical costs are going thru the roof, have you ever wondered why?   Same as we, the doctors and hospitals must carry insurance to cover the cost of possible law suits for mal-practice.  When considering Medical Liability Insurance, they too have to consider the premium and how it will be paid.  This is where you and I become involved.

If we dance, even when we must, the fiddler must be paid.  Dancing is going to the doctor and the doctor is the fiddler.


February 11th, 2012

The other day I mentioned eating eggs with rice, same as eggs with grits.  Response was they had never heard of eating eggs with rice.   We are from basically the same area so it is not as if we did not share other similar menu items as we grew up.  Our moms cooked a lot of the same things in the same or almost same way.

I have been wanting eggs w/rice for a few weeks and tonight I satisfied that taste.  I must say the eggs were not as good as if they had been cooked in butter, but better for me.

Someone else mentioned cooking pinto beans with a T or so of peanut butter, never heard of that but will try it the next time I cook them.



February 11th, 2012

The thermometer I use to tell me cold/hot outside is old but accurate.  I see no need to replace it, but if you are in need of an outdoor thermometer, choose well.

I am sure the one I use will make me shiver when I read the outside temp in the morning.  The low is to be 22 tonight not considering wind chill and the wind will have gust up to 40mph and possibly a few a 50.

Thinking I may need to add an extra cover since I have no one that will share their body heat.



February 11th, 2012

I used to nap all the time!!  Every chance I got, I would go to sleep, even as a small child.  The past few years, I have not even been able to sleep well at night and have very rarely taken a day nap.  Some nights lately, I have slept very well, even if for a short period of time.

Last night I slept well and now am very sleepy.  You guessed it, “nap time for me”!!


February 11th, 2012

I have had 2 engagements rings, neither represented what one is intended.  I will probably never have another and that is okay with me.  However, I have seen some beautiful 3 stone engagement rings.

In fact, I would like to have a 5 stone birthstone ring.   My design would be 3 very dark (almost black) small garnets set at an angle with same size diamonds on each side of the middle stone, also angled set.  I do like to dream!!!  Maybe one day I can get myself a 4 stone garnet in the angle setting.


February 11th, 2012

My furnace has not worked in 2 weeks.  I have been using a very economical space heater.  While it provides great warmth where I am, it does not warm all the areas I need heated.

I am not cold and really have not been.  A little chilled sometimes, but not cold and the chill is temporarily.

Do not know the problem, think it may be electrical, then someone said it could be a bad heating element causing the breaker to trip.  I guess I need to bite the bullet and call a repairman.


February 11th, 2012

I have always wanted a gazebo, but before the gazebo, I want a covered deck/porch for my front entrance.  Doesn’t hurt to dream as long as it a dream and not a nightmare.

If I ever think, I am in a financial position to shop for a Gazebo, you can bet your bottom dollar, it will be a amishdesigners gazebos.  Yes, I know I would be pleased with their design and especially the warranty and pricing.


February 11th, 2012

I have found another fun place to go.  This one is in Evergreen and they have a once-a- month dance.  Music is provided by a DJ, everything from oldies to the modern stuff the teens like.  NO bar and this is good.

Last night the dancing was as varied as the folks there, some one would be dancing as couples, others would be line dancing, and some, like me, were wall thorns during the same song.

Car Pooling is an option and this helps with travel expense.


February 11th, 2012

Do you sing??  I try, but………  If I had a zoom handy recorder, possibly I would be able to detect my most problematic areas.

This little device has all the props and buttons that the larger recorders have and is so easy to carry along.  Using this recorder will save you time and money and can also be used to record anything needed not just you.


February 10th, 2012

Is ‘fanagile’ a word?? oh well, ’tis now!!

I started some fanagiling Wednesday and completed it today.   I am so glad that things worked out in my favor.  In this case, 4 is always better than 10.

I must also say, I am very pleased and proud of myself, 793 is not bad at all, in fact it is very good.  I would love to see 815 or more and who knows, one day I may.

Another number I would like to see drop instead of rise.  Hopefully, in about 6 months 141 will be 130 or less.

To some this will not be a puzzle, to those that it is, you may be able to solve, if you know me very well and remember things I have said.