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Monday, July 25th, 2011

Time seems to be just flying by.   I can’t seem to get half of what I want to do in a day done.   I have done quite a bit this summer, but can’t remember all of the importance.

One of the most important things was spend quite a bit of time with my daughter.  Cass Denise Darrow has studied and finished her college assignments in the morning and we have spent many afternoons together.

July 14th, we went to the concert at Leland Park.  That was a very enjoyable 2 hours.  Before the concert, we went to the library and I checked out a book and have not even read 100 pages.  Need to really get to reading.

We also went out of town and spent the week-end with her Dad’s sister.  Even tho, I divorced him, the family made me feel very welcome and loved and always have.

I have also put okra and beans in the freezer.  Hopefully, I can get some good fall peas for the freezer, also.

My cousin, Franny, and myself have spent more time together in the past 10 months than we had all our lives.

This is just a small token of what I am now doing—enjoying spending time with family and friends.



Saturday, August 15th, 2009

The okra is cooked, has cooled, put in bags and is in the freezer.

I fried bacon slowly to get more grease from it and cooked the okra in the bacon grease.  I know it will be good.  We now have 3 pints of fried okra in the freezer.



1 bag of 15 whole pods to place on top of beans or peas.



I have never frozen whole pods before. My mom use to freeze several packages a year in whole pods.

I do really enjoy preparing produce for the freezer.  Yes, it is time consuming and sometimes physically hard, not in strength, just tiring, but I am in my “element” when doing this.

The peaches are now soaking up sugar.  I should have them cooking but DH will be home in a few minutes so I am preparing his supper.  After we finish supper, I will start them.


Saturday, August 15th, 2009

I think I am thru canning tomatoes for this season.  Usually tomatoes produce until frost but ours are looking rather bad and the tomatoes are getting smaller and smaller.  If someone should give me some pretty ones, I would probably can more, but am not not planning to can anymore from our bushes.

I canned these yesterday.



This batch makes a total of 26 pints.  All but maybe a pound came from plants that DH put in the flower beds.

I made more peach jam Thursday using the recipe in the Sure-Jel Less Sugar Pectin package.  I doubled the recipe and it did fine.

PEACH JAM 8-13-09

PEACH JAM 8-13-09

The other recipe that I was using has better color.  I am going to experiment with those I prepare this afternoon, I am going to add maybe a tablespoon of pectin to the batch instead of the entire package.  Hope it works!!!  I’ll let you know.

DH came in from work yesterday saying, “I have more work for you to do” and handed me a grocery bag a little over half full of okra.  I also need to do it today.  Since the day is considered to be half gone, I need to get busy.


Monday, August 3rd, 2009

As I stated yesterday, I wanted to go to Rose Hill today.  I did and the trip was successful.  The lady was very apologetic and offered to refund all of my money but I did not think that was fair to her.  We agreed on refunding the price of 1 bushel of beans and $10.00 for gas.

I really wanted more beans, but none will be ready until maybe tomorrow but most likely Wednesday.  I can’t make another trip up there this week.


Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

I have been ever so busy since Wednesday the 29th.  Wednesday night I canned 6 more pints of tomatoes.


That is a total of 20 pints this year.  I have more that I need to can now, I may be able to do them tomorrow.

Thursday, I am at the Waterford Farmer’s Market before 8am, buy 1 1/2 bushels of peas and 1/2 bushel of peaches.  I take MIL the half bushel of peas.  I bring my produce home and place it over the A/C vents.  I then go to DD’s#1 and pick up the baby girls, come back home and get them ready for a drive up the country.

We go to Rose Hill, here I purchase what is suppose to be 3 bushels of green butter beans.  (More on suppose to be later.)   On the way home we detour by Surf City and drop of DD’s#2 bushel of beans.  Finally, I am home and lunch is finished and baby girls are down for their naps and I start shelling the peas about 3:30.

Peas from the farmer’s market yielded 16 pint packages and 1 package with 1 1/2 cups.  I am to get okra this Thursday and I will order peas for the following Thursday.  I usually flatten all the bags, but due to my hurry, I did not flatten these.  I flatten because they store better in the freezer and take up less room, I think.

I shelled butterbeans and shelled butterbeans and finally got the 2 bushels I had shelled.  I cooked the first bushel done and only blanched the second bushel, that is the reason for the color difference.  Mixed with the 2nd bushel of green beans were a few speckled beans.  Makes for great shelling. NOT!   Total yield was not impressive.  Only 18 pints of green and 2 pints and 1/2 cup of speckled.
dscf2084 dscf2091

I could not determine in some of the shelling which was a green bean and which was a speckled bean.  As I shelled I separated as best as I could, but when the 2nd bushel was blanched, I see lots of gray beans.  My granson helps me pick thru them picking out all the gray.  It may just be my tastebuds but I do not like the two types of beans mixed.  This is using time that I could be doing other things.

Tomorrow if nothing interfers, I will be going back to Rose Hill for a little discussion taking with me the bean hulls that have no beans in them.  I am not talking a handful but almost a half bushel basket.  The farm owners need to know so they can deal with the pickers and I need to tell them so they can make good on the beans that I paid for and did not get.

I need to start on the peach jam now.


Friday, July 24th, 2009

DH and I had an active day last Saturday.  About an hour after we get up we go across the river to the big city and do miscellaneous shopping.  After we get the items put away, I start one of my daily activities, the computer surfing.

About 1 hour later DH asks if I am ready to go.  “Go where?”   He replies that I had said I wanted to go to Myrtle Beach.  So away we go.  We pass 2 big Farmer’s Markets  on the way, if they are open we usually stop just to see what they have.  Holden’s didn’t have anything we were willing to pay their price.  Indigo had peas by the bushel, a little high but not so high that I turned away.  We left with a bushel of peas and a hugh watermelon.

I shell peas for an hour or so Saturday night and then finish shelling them on Sunday.  DH helped shell on Sunday.  I refrigerate them in water and finally on Wednesday I get them prepared and in the freezer.  I shared with my MIL but still put 9 pints in the freezer.


I wish I could get at least 4 more bushels like these, I would share with my MIL. They were sold as Dixie Lee, I do not think they are but do not know what they are.  They are a little large for Dixie Lee and are just as tasty if not better.


Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Well here goes another story of the work I enjoy.  I have canned tomatoes 2 more times.  I canned 4 pints on Wednesday the 15th.


and 4 pints and 2/3 on Monday the 20th.


10 pints of our homegrown tomatoes canned!!

Our tomatoes have heat spots on some of them.  This is a very hard white spot that I cut away when I am canning them.  They usually start at the stem end of the tomato and can go as far as half way the tomato, rarely even further.  I am wanting to buy some that are not damaged and can them.

I have peas to wash and prepare for freezing.


Sunday, July 19th, 2009

NOT!  I am not very domesticated but every once in a while I try to pretend that I am.  Since Friday I have either been on the hunt for vegetables or busy preparing them to freeze or even canning spaghetti sauce.  I will write a full post about my adventures when I have more time.


Sunday, July 12th, 2009

I have been telling myself and a few others I needed to bag the colored butterbeans that DH and I shelled and prepared for freezing yesterday.  I finally got the job done.

Those 16-17 pounds of beans yielded 9 pints.


I am so very pleased with the quantity from these and the green ones that I got from my cousin.  I am hoping that I can get more of each.  If I can’t, what I have is better than none.

I told the guy I bought the colored beans from that I wanted 2 bushels Thursday.  I will have to call him and tell him that I can not get them.  I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled at 8:45.  I can’t get to Whiteville and back before my appointment and I can’t get there and back after it to be here to watch the grandchildren when they are to come over.

I have another source for Thursday hopefully.  It is local.


Saturday, July 11th, 2009

I said earlier on Twitter that I was going on a scavenger hunt and later reported that I had some success.  Well, it really was not a scavenger hunt but a hunt for vegetables.

I spoke with one of my cousins last night and told her I was going to Whiteville in search of vegetables and she told me to stop by her house.  She took me to her garden and “Bless her sweet southern heart” and this is meant in a nice way, helped me pick a row of green butterbeans.  Most of this row had been picked yesterday morning, we still checked the whole row, picking what we could find.  Considering the previous picking, 5 pints is not bad.


Aren’t they pretty and DH said they taste good, just need a little seasoning.

My knees will not allow me to stoop for more than a few seconds.  My back hurts if I bend over for very long.  Let me tell you, those beans are worth every inch I crawled while picking them!

While at the farmer’s market, I bought about 16-17 pounds of speckled (colored) butter beans.  They are ready to be bagged, but will not be done tonight.  This ole or old body is tired.  Rising at 6:05 is not a normal thing for me.

DH helped me wash, set up the shelling area underneath the shade of one of the Dogwood’s and then helped me shell the beans.  He also grilled steak for our supper.  What a man!