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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Previously mentioned was the enjoyment I had during Memorial Day weekend.  Well, the enjoyment and fun did not stop there.

Shortly after that weekend, my cousin and I went to my brother’s beach house and stayed 4 days.   It was very nice and having no schedule made it even better.  I took Bullett with me, he really likes to ride but does not care for the water.

On the way home, Cuz showed me where she always goes to the beach.  Once I walked down to the waterfront, I knew this was the beach for me.   I have been back there 3 times and plan to go as much as my schedule and gas funds will allow.  Of course, someone else will be driving some, so that will help with the gas funds.

I have also returned to the lake 2 times and more trips are being planned.  An extra of going to the lake is looking in the canal for gators and turtles.

Now, I need to do some housework because I never know when I will be hit with the “go fever”.!!


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

I am ready to do my Thanksgiving Holiday travel and so is my car.  At least the car is ready as far as I know and as much as I can do to have it ready.

I put gas in it over the week-end so my tank is almost full.  This afternoon, I went out and checked the fluids and found that the coolant was very, very low and I needed a quart of oil.  I then went to Advance Auto and had that taken care of for less than $20.00.  That was still a lot on a budget so tight that it squeaks.

I sure hope my car does not decide to be an oil burner, that could create BIG problems.

The guy did recommend that I have the radiator flushed as he could see a lot of gunk in it.  Hopefully, I can get that done next month.


Monday, November 15th, 2010

I have a few errands that I must get done before I go out of town for Thanksgiving day and then the week-end after.

I will be traveling alone so the first thing on my list of ‘to do’ is take my car in for an overall check.  I need to make sure my tires are in good shape and all needed fluids and filters are as they should be.  Also, a full tank of gas.

I also need to go over Bullet’s care with the person that will be taking care of him for me.

Not an errand but a small chore.  I want to leave the house in tip top shape so that I will have nothing facing me when I get back home.


Monday, September 14th, 2009

visited 11 states (22%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or jurisdische veraling duits?
The above map tells you just how much of a “home body” I am.

Yes, I am a home body.  As you can see from this map, I have been in very few states.  Some of the ones I have been in, I was only driving thru.

I live in North Carolina, have been to Myrtle Beach, SC numerous times.  I visited in Georgia many, many years ago and have driven thru it 3 times and 1 of those times spent the night.  I have been to Florida only twice, each time visiting with my nephew.

I drove to Farmersville, Texas about 7 or 8 years ago.  That was a really fun trip.  The age gap of those traveling with me was wide.  My grandson was about 7 months old and my mom was 90.  I am serious when I say it was fun.  I did enjoy it.  During the drive to Texas, we spent nights in Augusta, Georgia, and Clinton, Mississippi.  Coming back home, we had to spend 3 nights because one night it was really foggy, we did overnights in Shreveport, Louisiana, Darlington, SC, and I cannot remember the other place.

I was surprised and pleased with how well the children did.  Traveling with 5 children, aged infant to 8 1/2  years could be very stressful, but this trip was not.  I stopped about every three hours for bathroom breaks and just to stretch for a few minutes.  This trip was probably a lot easier than it would be today, since they each have developed an attitude of I want to do things this or that way. I guess one might say it is all about control.  All those that made the road trip, have flown round trip to Dallas.  I drove from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport to Farmersville.

I have flown to and from Colorado and Missouri several times when DD#1 lived in Colorado and Kansas.  DD#1 always picked me up at the Kansas City airport in Missouri when I visited in Kansas.   When flying to Colorado, I would sometimes rent a vehicle and drive from the Denver airport to Colorado Springs.

The next planned trip is back to the Bahamas and that will be very soon.  I am getting excited.


Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Talked with Terminix yesterday and because the pest control contract at Mother’s is now in my name, I must be present for the first new contract visit.  I tried to get permission to allow the tenant to sign the paperwork, but ‘no’, I have to be there in person when the actual work is done.  I do not know how long it will take them to do whatever, it will be 2 hours travel time for me but will not necessite any additional travel insurance.  This will really mess up a good day.

To make a not good situation into a better one, I will just travel over to the nearby town and get more apple “stuff” for my kitchen.  I may even visit a classmate or a cousin.


Friday, February 20th, 2009

Have you ever been to the outermost east coast in NC for a vacation?  “No”, you say.  Try it, there are lots of things to do at our beaches and quite a few historic places to visit.  On your way, you could stop in New Bern and visit Tryon Palace or go to Kitty Hawk and visit where the Wright Brothers first flew.  You have no where planned to stay?  Problem solved — Outer Banks rentals — will find the perfect place for you.  Have Fun!!

NOT for ME

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Some people just love to travel, going to a different place each vacation. That lifestyle is just not for me. My brother and his wife have been to many different places–Japan, Mexico, England, St Thomas–and will be going to the Dominican Republic in March.  I wonder if they have ever considered  Machu Picchu travel. This may even be a destination of consideration in the near future.


Saturday, January 10th, 2009

I have been following a few folks on the internet.  They have all gone to Vegas for some type of convention or maybe even conventions.  One fellow from Florida has gone.  I wonder where they are staying, if they all are in the same hotel in las vegas or if they are staying in different hotels thru out the city.  It doesn’t really matter where they are staying but since several of them are real-life friends, I am sure they are having fun.


Saturday, January 10th, 2009

As planned we had my families Christmas today.  At 11:30 I was beginning to think that I would not be able to attend.  There was big confusion over transportation.  The original plan was that I would take 3 of the grandchildren with me and DD#1 would drive her family in their van.  OOPS!!  the son-in-law was hospitalized Thursday afternoon.  Plan A is no longer a plan.  Plan B– 1 child would ride with my sister-in-law and my nephew would go out of his way to pick up 2 and then I would have 3 in my back seat and 1 in the front with me.   When I called my nephew because he was not here at the time we discussed, I find out that he has been told there is no need for him to come all is taken care of.  Plan B shot out of the water!  I tell him that if I can figure out what to do I will go, if I can’t for them to have fun.

At his point, I do not know what I’m going to do because the children I have with me are really excited about going to Uncle S.’s house.  I am thinking there is NO way that I can get 6 children and myself in my car.  Sister- in-law has already picked up one of the children. (I do not think well on my feet or in stressful situations)

Finally it hits me to take my car to DD#1 and get her van.  That is done, I fill the van with gas, because I do not want to worry about gas.  I have never driven her van before!!!  At last, we are on our way.  I get lost.  What a fun day so far–it is about 1 now, the time we are suppose to be eating.  I have taken the wrong exit off of I-40.  Call the hostess and she tells me the correct exit and another way to her house from where I am.  I try the way she says, but have no luck finding the house.  I turn around, get back on I-4o, take the correct exit and am at the destination about 1:30.

Everyone is glad that the fired chicken, rice, gravy, green butter beans, and watergate salad has arrived.  Oh they were glad to see the children, I was just and extra.

We have changed the time of our family gathering—In the future we will meet the first Saturday in the new year unless it is New Year’s Day, then it will be the following Saturday.  We found out if we meet the second Saturday in January, it may be on the host and hostess wedding anniversary as it was this year.  That is not good.


Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Children say the cutest things.  Just what they think sometimes.

DH had told DGS#4 about the many, many fish at Broadway in Myrtle Beach.   DGS said I want to go to MB and I replied I will take you.  DGD#4 said I’ll go put on my shoes.  We then had a discussion about when we would go and who would ride with whom.

I guess you had to be here, because reading about the conversation is not nearly as funny as hearing it.