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Friday, January 30th, 2009

I did absolutely nothing today that required very much physical energy and I am tired!

Prepared stew beef and pork ribs for meals next week.  That surely was not hard, put them on the stove and let them simmer for about 4 hours.

Looked at every picture in 2 sweater size boxes that my mom had, some I threw away because I have no idea who they are.  Bless her, she tired to write the names and some ages on the back of a few.  A great grand son she noted as being 2 weeks not 2 months on more than one pic.  That’s ok, she was probably close to 90 when she was making these notes.

The purpose of going thru those pics is to once again have the room she used livable.  Once I brought things from her house to mine, I more or less closed the door on that room.  It is past time, a long time past that I should get it back to being a part of our house rather than the room Mother used.  Yes, I used it as needed when she was in the nursing facility, but since she died, I have put off what needed to be done.   This is just a part of my retirement goals.  Get the house clean, straight and much less cluttered and keep it that way.

Enough whining—hope you each enjoy your Saturday.


Thursday, November 6th, 2008

I have not done very much on my days off.

Tuesday I went to Mother’s house with a friend and her son.  He repaired the roof for me.  Turned out it was not the problem that I thought it was.  The roof is actually 1×6 planks not plywood.  The planks were in really good condition, so all he had to do was replace the shingles that apparently were not put down good when the house was re-shingled several years ago.  He walked over the roof and nailed down any others that he thought may be a problem in the near future.  He also went in the attic and inspected the roof from the inside and said it was solid—no need to worry about leaks from the roof.

After he finished the roof, I asked him about the trees and he is now working on them.  He will trim back wayward limbs and cut out dead ones and those that have bad areas in them.  I will be relieved to have the branches that are hanging over the house gone.

Tuesday night I did a little throwing out of old papers and more on Wednesday.  I need to do my desk again.  How does it get so cluttered? Must be because I do not toss as I go.  Also, yesterday I cleaned mail from the dining table, did my checkbooks, paid a couple of my bills and from DH checkbook paid the household bills. Also did 2 loads of laundry and cooked supper for DH before he went off to work.

OH!  Tuesday night I stayed up for the speeches.  Someone has stated, “so Apparently if you didn’t vote for/support Obama, you must be a racist.  I’m about sick of that mindset already.” Just in case others have that opinion of Republican voters, in some cases, mine particularly, it had nothing to do with race.  Some of the things Obama had said he would do and what he believes to be the right way, I just cannot agree with him.  In reality, I do not want a person with only 4 years experience in government to lead my country.  He is a rookie when it comes to his experience.  However, we really didnot have a good choice  in this election.  McCain was the lesser of 2 evils in my opinion. Just for the record, I did split my ticket.  Aren’t we all glad that we live in a democracy?  You vote your choice and I vote mine.  Enough ranting.

DD#1 has asked that we go to Walmart.  I also need to go by the bank.  I want to do some cleaning in the kitchen area today, not to mention beading.  I need to get up and get my day started.


Friday, May 9th, 2008

DH and I did a lot of physical work today at Mother’s house. My muscles are already beginning to stiffen and he just said he was so tired he would probably not be able to go to sleep for a while. You wanna know what we did??? Well, I will begin by saying Mother might be disappointed if she were still here.

We cut back bushes and cut down bushes and cut back some more. It has probably been 3 or 4 years since any serious trimming was done to the shrubs and it was past time. Some of them had grown to the point they were against the house and this was not good. No bushes or shrubs are against the house now and have been trimmed to 3 or 4 feet from the house.

We ran out of time before we ran out of bushes but got the most important ones done. She had some type of flowering vine that just wrapped itself around what ever got in its path, kinda like a wisteria vine does. While he was moving yard sale stuff in the yard that didn’t sale to the barn, I cut one of the vines from the blueberries. After he and I went all around the house he cut down another one that was choking the sweet shrubs. I mean we cut down not trimmed, down to the ground, hopefully cut so that they will not thrive.

DH said he would like to go back and cut more, but I am working tomorrow and he starts night shift Sunday. Maybe we can go back when he gets back on days or maybe the guy that is suppose to rent the house will do it. I prefer that we do it this time, since they are so overgrown.

I really had rather be in the yard working than in the house.

My very good friend from school came out today and bought $20. worth of left over yard sale items. Her husband also got some items and said after he figured out the use he would get me a donation from those involved. I told him ‘don’t worry about that, at least they are now gone from here’.

End of this chapter.


Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Mother’s Day will be here before we realize it. What do you have in mind for your mom or your Grandi. Will it be a gift to last a life time or something that says ‘I love you’ but will soon be gone. For the life time gift, may I suggest birthstone jewelry.

Would these Bow Birthstone Baby Shoe pendants/charms not make a lovely gift for either Mom or Grandi or maybe even a sister or very dear friend?
Bow Birthstone Baby Shoe Pendant / Charm

I have a grandmother’s (Grandi) charm bracelet but my charms are no match for these.

For easy ordering with a guaranteed delivery for Mother’s Day visit  The site is very easy to navigate, is appealing and easy on the eyes, and that is a plus when choosing the perfect gift. The gift choices here are plentiful and not what you see everyday. Even the Mother’s ring comes in a variety of styles.

When my mom was living, DH and I almost always gave her clothes, occasionally flowers and for his mom we do the same. In fact the Mother’s Day gift for her was purchased about 3 weeks ago. I wonder now if maybe we should consider a life time gift instead of what we have.


Friday, February 29th, 2008

After DH got home from the doctor and his other business today, he drove me to Mother’s. I bagged and priced some of her Christmas stuff and some Christmas craft supplies that I have had for years. I also washed, dried and folded three sets of sheets and 2 mattress pads. One set of the sheets is showing a little wear but the other 2 sets are almost brand new and go with matching comforters and bed skirts. I also washed some of my china that has been boxed away since 1965.

The tortoise was slow but steady and finished the race so I have hopes that I will also. There is still so much to be done. I really did not think that it would be this time consuming, but that is ok, when it is finished, it will be done. I plan to go back Sunday afternoon and do a little more, maybe I can get the china finished and repacked. I am hoping that I can sell it.

I have to find out how to make the walls all one color. The living room (family room) is very pretty paneling but where pictures have hung for years is a different color. I guess a good type wood polish and elbow grease will solve the problem.

I asked DH on the way home if he had a very boring afternoon and he said ‘no’. He wandered around outside, said he found a bunch of junk and watched TV.

Til Next Time


Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Oh so very slowly, I am getting things in order for the estate sale at Mother’s.  I am hoping that Friday I will be able to get almost all of the kitchen done.  If I finish the kitchen, then only odds and ends will need to be done and everything priced.  I have told someone that it will be ready to rent the first of April.

Depending on exactly how much I get done Friday, I may ask for vacation time during the week ending on the 22nd and have the sale that day.

Til Next Time


Thursday, February 14th, 2008

I worked at Mother’s house today. Again, not a lot done. I did go thru the stuff in her dresser, found Daddy’s will. It had left everything to Mother. Bless her, she kept every piece of paper that she ever received. She really didn’t but it sure seems that way sometimes. I can’t just throw away a bundle of old papers because she was famous for putting this between that to keep this. With any luck, another hour or so in her room and it will be finished.

I did box up the set of dishes that DD wanted and no one else mentioned and brought them back to her. Cleared out the top shelf of the cabinets by the stove. So much to do. It sounds as if it would be easy to go thru and keep what is good and throw out what is not. It really is not as Mother was a pack rat.

I can work there again tomorrow. Maybe I can get more done than I did today.

I do have to have someone work on the septic tank. A great blessing would be for the county to decide that sewer lines would be put in place next week.

Since I am now at my house and not at hers, I do need to CROCHET. My friend’s children are leaving Monday.


Sunday, February 10th, 2008

I still have not finished going thru and emptying Mother’s house. I went Friday and Saturday. Saturday, I did take some things out other than trash. I brought back to my daughter things she had given Mother and Daddy and the things that she wanted that no one else mentioned. It is kinda strange that of the 4 grandchildren that wanted items, only one item was wanted by 3 of them.

I took to the oldest maternal niece a picture of Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. She knew she was getting the Grandmother pictures but had no idea she would be getting one of Mother’s pictures. She was quite surprised and pleased. I also gave her the picture of our granddaddy.

My nephew came Friday and got things that were on his list. He was really glad to get Daddy’s shotgun. He said that he did not want it to hunt with now, but wanted it for the times that he had hunted with it.

Everyone got their own pictures and pictures they had given Mother of their families. I found some more pictures of my niece and will probably find more as I go thru the many boxes of pictures that Mother had. I will have to get with my niece and see what pictures of her dad she would like copies. It is my plan to give each extended family their pictures or at least to one of the siblings of each family.

I will have to have a copy of my paternal granddaddy’s pic made so that one of the cousin’s can also have a copy of it.

Mother was the oldest living on the maternal and paternal sides of the family. She knew the history of Daddy’s family as well if not better than her own, so all of that is gone now for all of us. She was a walking genealogy book, knowing how each family of cousins for generations back fit into our family. A lot is recorded in the old family Bible, but some of it is difficult to read and decide who went with what family or maybe I just have a hard time following genealogy.

Example of the above: My maternal first cousin got pics of Mother and the Grandmothers. Her husband is a paternal distant cousin, but neither he nor I know the history of how we are cousins.

I boxed up a set of glasses and have plans to box other stuff when I go again, so that I can soon have an estate sale and get that place rented. The longer I wait the greater the risk of someone breaking in and I am in fact losing money by the house being vacant.

I cannot prove it but I think a neighbor boy was maybe at the barn when I arrived Saturday. I saw him walking away down by the ditch and saw boot prints under the barn but he was too far away when I saw him to actually say he came from the barn.

Is this a rambling post or what?!? I was only going to discuss emptying the house but one comment led to another and so the story goes.

Til Nex Time


Friday, February 8th, 2008


If you read this post and know me, you may say that I am the pot calling the kettle black. Yes, I am in need of some serious performance management. Things have happened in the past to hurt those that I love and I am extremely upset over it. In fact, so much so that I am carrying a grudge. I know that this is not right, it is definitely not the Christian thing to do. It is also affecting my relationship with others. I have got to find within my heart a way to let the past be the past, pick up the pieces and go on.

Til Next Time

BLOG your BLESSING 2-3-08

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

I have so many blessings that I often find it hard to blog about just one. This week I am choosing to blog about a difficult task that my DD is helping me with.

It is now time to really finalize Mother’s death by going thru her house and getting rid of everything in it, one way or another. Everyone has either gone thru and gotten some items or else have told me what they would like to have. My blessing is that my older DD went with me yesterday and helped pack up stuff we wanted or items that I needed to go thru one by one, to see if they had any value,(old papers, letters, etc.). We also set aside some stuff that I am going to try to sell. We also had about 5 large bags of trash! We thought it was trash, I am sure Mother did not or it would not have been in the house.

One thing that really surprised us both was a box marked fragile with DD’s name on it. I had seen her name last week and put it with her things. This week, I did not see her name and neither did she! When she opened the box, lying on top of several clear glass bowls (packed carefully) was a note telling where Mother had gotten the bowls and signed “love, Grandmother”. My daughter was taken aback and became emotionally upset and made the comment, ‘Grandmother is sending me notes from the grave’.

I guess that as long as we can remember, there will be times we will see or hear something that will make us think that it is a message from her knowing full well that it can not be, but the memory of her will be so strong.

Hope everyone has a blessed day and week.