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Monday, December 5th, 2011

When I was growing up, Monday was always laundry day.  Now it is any day.

I have had my winter clothes closed up in a closet and they smell musty.  I am thinking Wednesday will be a good day to laundry them and get them ready for Winter wear.

Today, I am going to change the linens on my bed and do a load of whites.  I may even laundry my jeans and work pants.  Yes, that sounds like a plan.

Better get busy!



Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

I measured the bed and the space where I want to put it today.  It will fit, but I am still not sure that is where I really want it.

It fits the room the best the way it is now, but I do want to change it.  I need to decide for sure before I start moving any of the furniture.  I have measured space and the other furniture in there and all will fit nicely where I have in mind to put it.  I think I may change it this weekend.


I may go back to Emerald Isle.  With no one to care what I do or where I go, as long as I will not displease Jesus in what I do, it really doesn’t matter.

Decisions! Decisions!


Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

is a craft and hobby that I enjoy if I am in the mood.  Recently, I have picked up the needle and yarn again.  I am hoping to make some Christmas gifts for a few of my friends.  If I succeed with this plan, I need to spend less time on the computer and more with the craft.

I usually take the current project when DH and I go anywhere.  We did about 2 hour round trips for three days this week and I took it with me and made quite a bit of progress,  I thought. Just before we got back into Wilmington, on the way home yesterday, I was beginning the finishing stitches and noticed that I had made a mistake about 8 rows back, so much for the progress. This type mistake was too evident to leave and continue on, so the ripping out of stitches began.

I really need to work on it some today and plan to do just that in a few more minutes, after I fold a load of laundry.


Friday, June 12th, 2009

Anytime one has a water leak, it is usually not good.  Sometimes before the leak is discovered, wood damage has already occurred.  That was the case several years ago when the hot water heater had a slow leak, the damage was so severe before the leak was discovered that DH had to replace that bathroom floor.

I found another leak today in the same bathroom.  I opened the cabinet to put away the hand towels and smelled wet wood. I found dripping wet hand towels and the wood had started to ripple.  I have no idea how long the small hose going to the sink has leaked and wouldn’t you know, it would be the hot water line.

DH is now doing a repair on it.

After he is finished, I will have to laundry all those wet hand towels.  I will just add other whites to them in order to have a full load.  I hate folding laundry!!  It is right in there with cleaning the toilets.  What chore do you dislike?


Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Today started early for DH.  He got up about 6 and cut the freezer off.  I got up at 7 and he and Spidey Man took everything out of the 6′ long, 2′+ wide and almost 3′ tall freezer and we proceeded to defrost it.  Everything was sorted and put back in by 9.

As I put it back in Spidey Man made a list and how many of each item.  This record will surely help me decide what I need to freeze this summer.  I know I do not need any blueberries or corn.  I have 4 grocery bags full of blueberries, I am thinking that is about 60 pints, plus at least 15 pints in my MIL’s freezer.  I did not take the blueberries out of the bags is why I do not have an accurate count.

I have 49 pints of corn in our freezer and 45 pints in my MIL’s freezer.

Right now, if time permits, I am thinking maybe 2 bushels each of colored and green butterbeans.  I need lots of okra, only have 9 pints of that.  Okra is one of DH’s favorite veggies.

I plan to freeze some of the squash that we are getting.  I will only need to freeze enough for me.


Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I do not have the itch to do housework often, but when I do it needs a really good scratching.  Maybe not clean all rooms squeeky clean but make very noticeable differences in our BR, 2 baths, LR, DR, Kit, and freezer room/office combination.  I have started in the guest bath, did a little in there, sorted some of the laundry.  In the kitchen, I have straightened one counter but it can still use some more, the LR has been picked up and all little toys have been placed in the toy box.  Also, all extra pillows and afghans have been put back in Mother’s room.

In the AM, I have the clock set for 7.  After a cup of coffee, I will vacuum LR, DR and Freezer/office. Before I even start the coffee, I will start the washer.

Before I go to bed tonite, I want to make a very detailed to do list.  I get side tracked so easily, I will never get half of what I want done by 10:30, if I do not go by a list.  I also work very slow, so maybe the list will put a little oil on the chain and keep me going in the right direction.  It probably would not hurt if I called someone to disconnect the computer until I called again saying I had finished my chore list.

Wish me speed and accomplishment.


Friday, April 10th, 2009

Today was pretty here, great temperatures, nice wind flow, a very nice day to be out.  The children played outside almost all day, even the Diva was outside some.

Grandaddy took the 3 boys with him to town shortly after lunch and the 2 little girls had quiet time.  During this time I was on the puter, worked some in the freezer room and Diva watched TV.  When they came back the girls were just getting up, so we (all the females) went to Wal-mart.

After we got home from the Wal-mart trip, Spiderman wanted me to go outside and play games with him.  I had previously bought a ball and paddle game.  Weird–one side of the paddle is a regular paddle and the other side is filled with little suction cups that grab the ball.  We played this about 30 minutes.  Yay for me—a little exercise.  During this time, the only other child that wanted my attention was Prissy and she was easily appeased.   I did enjoy being out with them.

As always when I go shopping, I spend too much money.  I did get 2 pairs of home shoes for only $10.  That is much better than the one pair I was tempted to get for $25.  I probably would have gotten those but the size that fit me was not comfortable on my left arch.  I also bought jelly beans–Love me some jelly beans!  Got other stuff too.

I kinda rambled in this post, didn’t I?


Saturday, April 4th, 2009

I am beginning to see more progress in the changing and re-decorating.

DH put together the desk for me yesterday and it is now in its permanent spot.   Today, he moved the white pantry into the kitchen for me.   We went shopping for odds and ends and I finally found a paper towel holder.  It is not what I wanted but it will work and he put that up for me, after I put apple decals on the ends of it.
dscf1643 This pic shows we need to do some touch up painting.  Molding will go over the white line at the back of the cabinet.

The old microwave stand is in place and an unassembled pantry is in DH,s truck.  I can’t get 2 like I had planned because one would be about 2 inches over the heat duct.  Maybe I can find one that only has one door instead of two, fitting into the available space.  I have too much stuff!!!!  I have filled the bottom of the old microwave stand with items that are rarely used.  The white pantry has an area for the microwave.  The bottom of the white pantry has staples and items often used, as well as the lids to my corning cookware.

Hopefully, I can soon say I am thru in the freezer room and the dungeon.

I am tired.  I need to get up in the am and go to church.


Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

There is visible evidence that progress is being made in the freezer room.

The one pantry that we have, has been moved to the corner which will be its new home.  The potato bin is in place and a spot for the old mircowave stand has been determined.  All I need to do now is move the other furniture, buy 2 pantries, use them instead of the hard plastic shelving that is now in place.

Confession is that the only thing on top of the freezer is part of the new desk and the rest of the desk is still in its box. I need to give up my dependance and put the desk together, but I am not sure that I can.  I may bite the bullet and try to do some of it this afternoon.

I am ready for my actual eye to see what my brain’s eye sees.


Friday, March 27th, 2009

I did not get much accomplished today.  I did 2 loads of laundry completely, and watched the baby girls from about 10:30 til 5.  We had a simple lunch today, peanut butter sandwich and I can’t remember what else.

I have cleared a little space from the freezer top.  Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.   I really need that extra pantry for storage.   I may have to get it tomorrow.  Time will tell.  I think if I had it, I could finish the freezer room in a very short time.   Possibly go thru all the junk and still be finished in a day.