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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Yes, I’m gonna brag here about 6 of my 10 grandchildren.  You may want to either get a glass of tea or a cup of coffee and relax a bit.

The 20th of May the high school had their academic awards night.  The sophomore granddaughter has a 3.0 or higher grade average for the entire year.

My third oldest granddaughter finishes 8th grade this year and the awards ceremony was last night.  She got 5 awards!  Highest Grade Average in Enhancement and Communication Skills, Most Outstanding in Science, Most Improved in Math, and a Cape Fear Literacy Council video recognition.  This from a child that was told she may not make the 8th grade unless she spent a lot time in the books and possibly summer school.  One of her teachers came over to her mom and said that she was a pleasure to have in class and he really enjoyed teaching her.

The elementary school gave awards on a nine week basis except for 2 awards, one for 4th grade and one for 5th grade.

The elementary school had kindergarten graduation yesterday.  (Steams me that it would be in the daytime)  This little girl received the Principal’s Award for the second time this year and a Math award.

First grade grandson received a Music Award for the second time this year and Academic Reading Achievement Award.

Fourth grade grandson (promoted from 3rd to 4th about 2 weeks after school started) received Battle of the Books Award (students read books and then were quizzed on them), Success Maker Reading Award,(students signed up to read x amount of books in x amount of time)  Year Long Improvement Reading Award.  Do you think he may like to read?  He also made A/B Honor Roll and has each 9 weeks.

Fifth grade grandson received the Safety Patrol Award, Shimmering Shark Award (outstanding all around student), Reading Award, A/B Honor Roll and he too has received this award each nine weeks.

I mentioned earlier that one 4th and one 5th grader got a special award.  Well, my fifth grader got the Karen Courter Award.  This award is given in memory of a past teacher and honors the most outstanding all around student and is chosen by his/her teachers.  Academics is not a priority, but how well you handle yourself, your willingness to help others, your behavior, manners.  One must be outstanding in all facets of life presented during a day in school to receive this award.

Yes, I am very proud of them!!!  I am also proud of the lady that home schooled them.  What my daughter taught them at home made the transition to public school not a traumatic one.  Also, the academic level she taught made it easy for them to stay focused and not feel as if they did not know what was happening in the text books.

Just label me the very proud Mama and Grandi!!!


Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

School in our county started today.  Part of the grandchildren attended public school for the first time ever today.  What a change and challenge for all of us.

Country went to high school last half of last school year.  Today she started 10th grade in all honors classes.  Diva started grade 8 at the middle school.  Stuntman in grade 5, Spidey man in grade 3 ( may be put up after assessment), Batman in grade 2 and Prissy (Draaama) will start kindergarten tomorrow.  The 4 younger ones are at the elementary school.  The bus that takes them to and from school also comes by my house.  If for any reason they need to come to my house, no big change.

What will DaBaby and I do all day to keep us occupied??  It will be so different not having the others with us.

I am excited for those in school and also sad that I will not have them with me.  The good part is I can be a Grandi now and have fun when I am with them instead of enforcing that they do their school work.

I guess home school is a thing of the past for them.

GPA 3.625

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

It has taken me a few days to get around to this post.  I do need to brag just a bit here.  As has been mentioned before, DD#1 home schools.  DD#2 has also home schooled.  Where am I going with this, you ask?

First let me brag on DD#1 for getting GD#2, also known as Country, prepared for highschool.  Apparently she did a great job on what she taught including study skills.  Country began high school in January and this semester has a GPA of 3.625.  The guidance counselor has placed Country in all honors classes when school begins in the fall.  He also wants her to be involved in more school activities.

I hope all the others do as well when it is their time for public school.  Ninth grade is the changing point from home school to public school.


Thursday, June 11th, 2009

I have decided that school is harder now than when I was in school.  It could be because I am supervising the work being done not doing it or that I am not equipped with computer memory.  Whatever the reason, it takes me almost as long to check the work as it does for the children to do it.  That is not good.  I have to give the first grader almost all hands on, so little time is left for me to do anything else during the day except school.  No, I am not complaining, just stating facts.  I had much rather have them here than in public school.


Thursday, May 28th, 2009

I have been thinking that a few rubber stamps may be good to use in checking the work the home schoolers do. Maybe I could order custom rubber stamps, a different ink color for each child. Idea: a stamp that I can flip, one side has a smiley face and a frown is on the other side. I think the children would like having these on their papers rather than just a red check or red X.

The third and fourth grader would probably enjoy colored pencils instead of crayons. That will be food for my thought.

Anyone want to offer their opinion?


Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Home Schooling is not an easy task. I only assist the kids by making them think thru and then check their work after it is done. Some days it is much easier than others. Today has not been an easy day.  All of the boys needed some assistance with their math today and I surely could not glance at it and see the answers.  I had to think it thru even for the 1st grader and used the calculator when checking the older boys work.  Most days it is really hard to get one of them to apply himself and go ahead and do his work, but finally he finished.  Today I had to threaten 2 of them by telling them if they did not get their work done, they could not go with their dad when he came to pick them up.