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Friday, August 3rd, 2012

So very much has changed in my life since July 17, 2010.  My husband left me on this date and for the next 14 1/2 months I thought my world had crumbled.  October of 2011, I talked with a very good friend and thru our conversation saw the very bright light of day.  I realized how much better my life was alone than with someone who really did not love me.

At this time, I came out of my shell and started living again.  I was told by my co-workers that they had really been worried about me and was so glad to see me smiling again.  Everything has not been all smiles and roses since, but “Life is Good”!!

I have always loved to dance, but neither my first or second husband cared to dance with me.  October of 2011, I started going to dances and have gone on a pretty regular basis since.  I go to 3 different places regularly and occasionally to others.

At one of the dances in April, I met a guy that kinda rocked my boat and I rocked his.  We neither really wanted to be in a relationship so we decided to be friends and put the relationship on hold, even tho we saw each other a few times.   We no longer see each other, but all is good.

I went camping for the first time in my life in May.  I was surprised at the relaxation I could have and the beauty of the campsite and the place in general..  It was such a great weekend.  The best part is:  camping here is very inexpensive for 2 nights dinners, 2 nights entertainment, accessible pool, and sometimes Saturday day entertainment.  I see a lot of camping weekends in my future as long as I am physically able.

I understand the x is seeing someone and I am glad that he may be happy.  I am not seeing anyone and am happy.  When the right person comes along, if there is a right person, that will be soon enough.  If there is no one that is ok too.

For now, I must keep Christ in my life, gas in my car and be ready for the next event I want to take part in,  and have fun!!!



Saturday, February 11th, 2012

I have found another fun place to go.  This one is in Evergreen and they have a once-a- month dance.  Music is provided by a DJ, everything from oldies to the modern stuff the teens like.  NO bar and this is good.

Last night the dancing was as varied as the folks there, some one would be dancing as couples, others would be line dancing, and some, like me, were wall thorns during the same song.

Car Pooling is an option and this helps with travel expense.


Saturday, February 4th, 2012

I am keeping three of the grandchildren until I don’t know when, only til sometime tonight or tomorrow.  Do not know if more will come over later.

Guess it is for a good reason:  someone drove several hours just to see her.  Being a good mom, I will give up a part of my time for her.  I think she deserves it.

I am hoping she has a really good day!!! and possibly evening.


Saturday, February 4th, 2012

A big disappointment last night!!  I thought the bluegrass band was not good at all and I do like bluegrass music.  The only thing good was the bass player, he was looking GOOD.

The leader of the band did make a few funny comments, but he seemed to talk more than he played the mandolin.

However, a small band from Conway, SC was there and played during break.  They were really, really good.  Hope to see them again.  Wish I could remember their band name.



Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

I went to a small Christmas party last night.  I saw old friends, new friends and possibly made another new friend.

The band played good music—lots of slow tunes.  I enjoyed dancing to those, haven’t got my rhythm back yet for the fast ones and still can’t line dance.   The first slow dance was quite interesting and enjoyable.  The guy used steps that were very unfamiliar to me, but I would like to dance with him again.  Maybe I would be able to follow better the next time.

I enjoyed all the dances, especially the ones I danced but also enjoyed watching the others.  I will have to say that I did not sit out many slow ones.   I was talking with someone when the band started another slow one, I looked at him and said “I did not come here to sit in this chair”, so we danced.  Just call me ‘brazen and bold’.

I did enjoy myself, had fun, and was a lady.  When they gather again, I will probably go—enjoy having good times.

Was told again:   “You have pretty blue eyes”.



Saturday, October 15th, 2011

I have not danced but just a very few times since I was 20-21 years old and that was not yesterday. I can remember the steps but have lost all sense of rhythm.  This may be because I can not multi-task.  I am ready to dance again.

It seems the big things now are line dancing and shagging.  Today, I learned the steps to the line dance so that if the opportunity presents itself, I can participate.  I really do need some RHYTHM.

Time will tell if I can improve my rhythm or have the opportunity and if I do, will I participate?

May also need to get in shape!!!  My legs are hurting.


Saturday, October 1st, 2011

I have been fishing numerous times since July 4.  Most times not even getting a bite.  Twice I have caught several, but never any large enough to keep.

Hopefully that will change today.  My daughter, mutual friend, and myself hopefully will be catching spots.  That is the plan as of right now.  I would so like to catch enough that I could freeze a few.

But the question is:  Should I go fishing or be a sacrificing mom and keep the children so my daughter can really enjoy herself.


Monday, July 11th, 2011

I have found another way to pass my time, that I do enjoy!  FISHING

I have been fishing 4 times since and including July 4.  I only caught fish the first 2 times, but none of them were large enough to keep.  The 3rd time, I did not even bait my hook.  A thunderstorm came up and no one fished.

The last time was the most miserable and aggravating!!  Fishing is suppose to be fun!  Right?  I fished for a fraction over 3 hours and got only one bite.   We could see the fish jumping in the water, sometimes less than 6 feet from where we were sitting.

The company I was with was great.  They did not catch any fish either.

We saw 2 bbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggg water moccasins.  Am sure glad they were on one side of the water and I was on the opposite bank.



Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Previously mentioned was the enjoyment I had during Memorial Day weekend.  Well, the enjoyment and fun did not stop there.

Shortly after that weekend, my cousin and I went to my brother’s beach house and stayed 4 days.   It was very nice and having no schedule made it even better.  I took Bullett with me, he really likes to ride but does not care for the water.

On the way home, Cuz showed me where she always goes to the beach.  Once I walked down to the waterfront, I knew this was the beach for me.   I have been back there 3 times and plan to go as much as my schedule and gas funds will allow.  Of course, someone else will be driving some, so that will help with the gas funds.

I have also returned to the lake 2 times and more trips are being planned.  An extra of going to the lake is looking in the canal for gators and turtles.

Now, I need to do some housework because I never know when I will be hit with the “go fever”.!!


Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I was locked in the camp-site at Lake Waccamaw Friday night.  Campsite  is suppose to be open 8AM-8PM.  I arrived at the gate about 7:50 and it was locked tight as a drum.  First, I called the local number, reached a recording, that was absolutely no help.  Second, I called the 800 #, I did get a person, but they were unable to help me, saying to call 911.

I did not want to call 911 even tho it was an emergency to me for me to get out of the campsite, but I did not think I was in any danger.  I could have gone back to where my daughter was camping and spent the night with them, but really, really did not want to do that.

I did call 911 and first off told them I did not have an emergency then proceeded to tell the lady my problem.  She connected me to the local hospital and they called the park (power) ranger, came back to my line and said he would be there shortly and he was.

I was ever so very glad to get to my friends’ house and they had left the light on for me, but their place is better than a Motel 6.