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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

and other happenings.  Tonight I prepared the small squash that I picked yesterday and could not even eat all of them. DH does not like squash, he did taste them.

very small---laid them on a regular size napkin

very small—laid them on a regular size napkin

I also had one chicken breast coated with Lowery’s seasoned salt, more tumeric, ground cumin, and Cajun seasoning. My other side dishes were beets served right out of the can, no heating, no vinegar, just as they came, rice with juices from the baked chicken as gravy and maybe 20 pieces of string beans.

This was taken yesterday and is the first gladiola bloom of the season. More opened today.

Does anyone know what is the name of this flower? Mother gave it to me years ago, now I want to know the name.dscf1792

Can you see the blueberries? Maybe I will get enough for a cobbler, only need 2 cups.

Mama bluebird resting before she flies in her box.dscf1790


We also have some tiny birds with a red head.  They are really small.  One day we saw female and male oriole in the bird bath.  Have seen Cardinals just a few times and Doves. Mocking birds and Blue Jays are in abundance.

Can you believe the size of the squash bushes.  The fence behind them is 4 feet high.

I guess I have rambled enough in this post.