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Saturday, February 25th, 2012

I have been wanting homemade biscuits for quite a while.  I know, I can get them at several fast food restaurants, but I wanted my own.

Back in the late ’70′s, I made biscuits that the geese would not even eat.  Overtime they did improve and were very good.  I decided tonight would be the night and the grandchildren may like them.   I still had no bacon drippings or Crisco so I used softened butter.

The children each said they were good.   They were ok, but something was missing!   I wondered why they did not rise ANY.  First thought maybe I had worked the dough too much but that would have made them so tough, they would have not been edible.  I then checked the flour bag–ALL-PURPOSE Flour.

Hopefully one day soon I will make a good biscuit, one that is Grandma Molasses worthy.


I may need as much counseling in the kitchen as my friend Josh Brisson does on some of his FB posts.



Saturday, February 11th, 2012

The other day I mentioned eating eggs with rice, same as eggs with grits.  Response was they had never heard of eating eggs with rice.   We are from basically the same area so it is not as if we did not share other similar menu items as we grew up.  Our moms cooked a lot of the same things in the same or almost same way.

I have been wanting eggs w/rice for a few weeks and tonight I satisfied that taste.  I must say the eggs were not as good as if they had been cooked in butter, but better for me.

Someone else mentioned cooking pinto beans with a T or so of peanut butter, never heard of that but will try it the next time I cook them.



Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Most all people will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday with family and friends.  I do not, as of  now, have any plans for Thanksgiving day and that is ok.  However, I do have plans for the Friday after and Saturday night after.

Friday I am preparing a meal for my daughter and her children.  Her small request was just chicken ‘n’ pastry and then she added greens and then I added fried chicken.  The menu has really grown and to my shock, I am looking forward to preparing the food.  She offered to help me, but I told her I would do it.  I know that I will be preparing for at least 8 people, 4 adult eaters and 4 children.

The menu:  chicken ‘n’ pastry

cornbread dressing (not a mix-made from scratch)

turnips w/mustard and turnip roots

fried chicken (wing pieces)

rice w/gravy

cranberry sauce (if I do not forget it)

watergate salad

If anyone wants dessert, they will just have to eat more of the main course unless I change my mind.  Coconut pie is sounding pretty good.

This will not be bad for me to prepare alone.  I can prepare the stewed chicken, dressing, turnips, and watergate salad ahead.  Turnips and salad probably on Tuesday or Wednesday, stew the chicken and bake the cornbread and mix the dressing on Thursday.  That will make the finishing up on Friday easy-peasy.

Would you like to join us–give me a call if you would, want to have enuff food for all.

Plans for Saturday–meeting new people and an oyster roast.





Monday, March 21st, 2011

I prepared myself a steak tonight for the first time since before May 5, 1973.

Thinking I would save on the electric bill as well as time, I purchased an inexpensive toaster, bake, convection and grill oven.  I have been wanting a steak, so that is the first thing I cooked in the new oven.  It was not dry and taste ok and maybe with time, I will be able to prepare one that is good.

I know that I will never prepare a steak that taste as delicious as the ones that Bill prepared on the charcoal grill.  The steaks he cooked were always so very tasty and never dry.


Friday, March 11th, 2011

I like foods that lots of people do not.  I like occasionally to have my fill of liver pudding and souse meat.  I, apparently, went to sleep thinking about liver pudding Wednesday night.

The dream was so real!  I was going to see my mom and knowing she liked liver pudding, I stopped at a store on the way there and bought some for our lunch.  After getting the pudding and traveling a few miles, I realized that my mom had died a few years back.  I then went to a friend’s house that lives in Clarkton and WE had the pudding for lunch.

I called Faye last night and she too likes liver pudding occasionally.  We had quite a few laughs about the odd stuff I have been dreaming lately.

Real life, I went to 2 grocery stores Thursday looking for liver pudding, they each had some but the wrong brand.  I settled for some souse meat–Yum Yum.


Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I have wanted a steak grilled by DH for a long time.  Either our schedules or the weather did not allow for him to do this.  Tonight, that is what I am having for supper, in fact, the grill is ready and he just went outside with his.  He likes his well done and I like mine medium well.  Yes, he can cook a steak well-done and it will NOT be dry.

That may be the solution to my weight problem–only eat what I really want, not just graze all the time because the food is there or to try to satisfy a craving. Like I have said before, the best diet aids are not sold, but are self discipline by the individual wanting to loose the weight.

I do need to be more careful of what I eat but I will not start tonight—steak with baked potato and lots of butter!!  YUM! YUMMY!!!


Monday, February 8th, 2010

DaBaby will be 4 Saturday and does she ever love eggs. I know her age and what she likes to eat are not related subjects.

Friday she asked for a fried egg.  By asking her questions, I determined that she wanted it over easy or maybe over-medium.  She ate one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for snack.

Today starts out a little different.  She came at 8:45 and by 10:45 she had eaten 3 eggs.  She asked that she have 2 for breakfast, which she readily ate.  mind you, this is nothing but the egg-no bread or grits or hash browns or rice.  Just a bare runny yolk egg.  Shortly after she ate, not more than 10 minutes, she ate 2 candy hearts and a very small bag of roasted peanuts and asked for more junk foods.  I said “no more junk, would you like another egg” and she said “YES” and ate it.

I need to do some research on the egg and see if it still poses the health hazard it did some years ago.  At least she is getting in some good protein.

BatMan likes eggs cooked this way, also.  SpideyMan does not like eggs.  I know of several people that eat ketchup with their eggs, I think I will ask him if he would like to try it.

Going to check FB home page and my farm in the FarmVille game, then I am going to work some on that crochet pattern I am trying to design.


Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Last night for supper I made homemade soup and have so much left over that I am going to can it instead of putting it in the freezer.  I think it will keep better this way.

I had been wanting soup for a while and with the temps so low, I thought it would hit the spot and it did.  My cornbread muffins were not as good as I would have liked but were edible.  I used Jiffy mix and added a little flour.  Next time I will make my own mix from scratch.


Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

My brother just called to chit-chat about our family Christmas gathering.  He did not fuss at me for preparing the peas or the pasta salad.   In fact, he said he thought they both were very good.  This family has some good cooks!

We think all that were there really enjoyed themselves and he too went home with the gift he had purchased.   Someone made the statement that maybe next year we will not play “Chinese Christmas” just show everyone what we bought for ourselves.

I do not think we will get together again until August at his beach house.  What fun we have there!


Friday, January 1st, 2010

We had what some folks consider traditional New Year’s Day food for supper.  I prepared black eyed peas, and collards.  I had to make a run to the grocery store for foods I plan for tomorrow’s family gathering and saw some fine looking spare ribs.  I bought those and prepared them.  After they cooked until tender, I then added rice.  DH opened a can of cranberry sauce.  Mighty fine eating in my opinion.

Told my brother I was preparing watergate salad and creamed corn for our lunch tomorrow but have decided to prepare 2 more dishes.  I will not have time to play any xbox 360 games.   I plan to also prepare the frozen field peas and snaps that the local grocery carries (they are really black-eyed peas before they are dried)and pasta salad.  My brother really likes the peas and I like the pasta salad.  He will probably fuss at me because I prepared too many dishes, but I bet he eats some of those peas.