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Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Much to my disappointment, our jewelry making did not lead to getting rich fast.  While I did enjoy making it, that hobby has been put on hold until I finish the kitchen decorating and get the dungeon acceptable.  We did not have to purchase any credit card machines to handle the business transactions as they were either cash or check.  Oh well, another day is coming and maybe business will be better then, if the economy improves.  Oops, need to stop now before I start ranting.


Friday, January 9th, 2009

I have done a few rounds on the beaded toboggan, but not enough to show well in a pic.  I am too tired to even get a photo of it tonite.  The stress is grueling with-in itself and I am just not use to the added responsibility of 5 extra people, especially when the oldest is 13 and the youngest 3 next month.  The 13 year old is a God-send in this situation.

Depending on how the week goes, maybe I will have enough to show next Friday.

I need to do more beading but I want to set up a small area in the back bedroom for that.

CRAFT CLUB 12-26-08

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Oh my! Oh My!  I have been so busy the past week, I have done no crafts.  That means I did not make any jewelry but I did sell a custom order to my SIL’s husband for one of her Christmas gifts.  I have not crocheted the first stitch either.

Honestly, I had even forgotten that it was Friday until I saw the post over at cassknits.  This week has flown by and I am still not ready for tomorrow.

Hopefully I will have something to show next Friday.  I still have 2 WIP plus a project bouncing around in my head.

If you have a craft to share, visit here and leave your link.


Saturday, December 13th, 2008

What a very cold, bitter, cold day we had here in the southeastern part of NC.  Did I say it was cold today?  Try setting up for a craft show between 7:30 and 8am outside with the temp about 35 degrees and a slight wind.  Yes, that is cold for someone like me who prefers to be in a cozy warm house when temps are like that, especially that early on a Saturday morning.

This day was also bitter because rather than make money we lost money.  We did not even make enough to cover the space rental fee.  We probably would have been better off to spend our money on Ephadrasil hardcore even if we may not need it.

It sure is a good thing that we enjoy beading or we would be more disappointed than we are.

CRAFT CLUB 12-12-08

Friday, December 12th, 2008

As mentioned in the last post, I have done very little beading the past 2 weeks.  It seemed other things needed to be done and I have been sick.  Here is what I have done.


Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Have not been as busy with beading this week as I was last week and did not even get a post done last week.  The craft sale that I went to in Whiteville did a little better than our first one.  We still are not working in the black and may never.  It is good therapy as long as we do not go too far in the red.  All hobbies have a cost to them, so we may just have to quit buying and say that we have spent enough on this hobby.

We have another sale on Saturday, hopefully we will need to call Wells Fargo to take our money to the bank.

DD suggest that in the future, I get a deposit for custom orders.  I have 3 necklaces that were specifically made and even told when to deliver them.  One person said let me think about it but if you can sell, sell it.  She knew that I had it made because I told her when I finished it.  If I had taken it to Whiteville, it may have sold because 2 white pearl necklaces did sell.  The other person said I really want the two you made for me, can I get them on the 22nd.  I wish I had the beads to make more like these.  Folks, this is $45.00 that I could use to pay extra on my bills or buy someone or more a gift.

Live and Learn, Die and Forget it all.


Friday, December 5th, 2008

I sure hope that I feel much better tomorrow.  I have the earache (earsache), sinus infection, scratchy throat—all of the head junk that makes one feel really bad. I have got to figure out something to take that will help fast.  Right now I do not feel much like having a craft show that is scheduled for tomorrow.   My 13yo GD is helping me because DD#1 has pre-committed to assist with the boy scout hike. The 15yo GD is also helping with the hike.

I need to stock up with throat lozenges and kleenex and carry on as if there is nothing wrong with me.  Go in with a happy face, a good attitude, lots of smiles, and hope to make lots of money.

We will be inside, but the temp is predicted to be only 56 and partly cloudy.  The building is metal, no insulation, no heat and concrete floors with big garage doors that will be open.  That means that I will be cold.


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

I know that I have a craft show on Saturday.  Yes, I do know that.  So, if I know that I need to be beading, anticipating a successful show, why did I not bead any today??  I was busy doing other things that could have waited (I must be crazy).  That only means that tomorrow I will have to get up early, do my running of errands and settle in to a day of not goofing off and get several items beaded.

Oh, I got an order of beads today that I will need for this event and the one next Saturday.


Friday, November 28th, 2008

One of my grandchildren is definitely left handed.  3 of them can do quite well with the left hand but it is not the dominant one.  Tonite while we were eating supper, the 7yo, the 4yo and 2yo kept switching their forks from one hand to the other.  Finally the 7yo realized that he could really do better with his right hand, the 2yo is not a sure bet yet, the 4yo can feed herself better with her right hand, however some things may be done better with the left.  She had her fork in her left hand and I told her to use her other hand.  She did not understand or hear all of what I said.  She laid her fork down, looked at me and said “Do I really have to use my hands” as they were poised to get food with them.  As I laughed I told her “no, do not use your hands, put your fork in the other hand”

The 2yo (will be 3 in February) thinks if she closes her eyes or covers her face, you cannot see her.  This child will clam up and not answer a question.  Really bothers me.

The 7yo is just funny in a serious way.  He can be dead serious and grin at me and I just start laughing.  DH and I spoiled the 9yo (will be in December) when he was only a toddler.  Yet, when we speak to him, he obeys us.  I really feel sorry for him because he is the middle boy and it is like being the middle child and come to think of it, he is that too.  At least of the siblings still at home.  This young man is very quick to open a door for his mom and myself.   The 10yo is very quiet here.  He has the best manners—–thank you, yes sir, no mam, etc.

Except for changing diapers I have enjoyed them.

Yes, it has been more work, but they do make the cook feel good when it is time to eat.  No one picked at their food and ate what was served with no complaints.  I did have to tell one of them  “I know where you got it from but it really does not sound very good for you to say ‘dig in’ or ‘chow down’  after someone says the blessing”.  He meekly said “yes mam”.

I have only made one necklace since Wednesday, it is already sold.  Yay!    I need to make the others that have been ordered.

CRAFT CLUB 11-21-08

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Since my last post on 11-07-08, I have been a very busy beader.  I have made a total of 26 pieces.  Also, I have custom orders to make 4 necklaces.  I am going by an optometrist office Monday morning with some of the lanyards I have made and want to get more made before I go.
Some of the lanyards are custom orders                   

I still crochet–below is a hat that DD#2 asked me to make for her.  I have been working on it off and on about a month.  As you can see, it has been mostly off.  I should have it finished soon.

I know that some of you are crafty because I read about what some of you have done. Share your craftiness with us here.