So very much has changed in my life since July 17, 2010.  My husband left me on this date and for the next 14 1/2 months I thought my world had crumbled.  October of 2011, I talked with a very good friend and thru our conversation saw the very bright light of day.  I realized how much better my life was alone than with someone who really did not love me.

At this time, I came out of my shell and started living again.  I was told by my co-workers that they had really been worried about me and was so glad to see me smiling again.  Everything has not been all smiles and roses since, but “Life is Good”!!

I have always loved to dance, but neither my first or second husband cared to dance with me.  October of 2011, I started going to dances and have gone on a pretty regular basis since.  I go to 3 different places regularly and occasionally to others.

At one of the dances in April, I met a guy that kinda rocked my boat and I rocked his.  We neither really wanted to be in a relationship so we decided to be friends and put the relationship on hold, even tho we saw each other a few times.   We no longer see each other, but all is good.

I went camping for the first time in my life in May.  I was surprised at the relaxation I could have and the beauty of the campsite and the place in general..  It was such a great weekend.  The best part is:  camping here is very inexpensive for 2 nights dinners, 2 nights entertainment, accessible pool, and sometimes Saturday day entertainment.  I see a lot of camping weekends in my future as long as I am physically able.

I understand the x is seeing someone and I am glad that he may be happy.  I am not seeing anyone and am happy.  When the right person comes along, if there is a right person, that will be soon enough.  If there is no one that is ok too.

For now, I must keep Christ in my life, gas in my car and be ready for the next event I want to take part in,  and have fun!!!


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