My cousin, Gail Duncan Singletary, was a victim of the horrible, most awful disease known as CANCER.  Some survive, and for this I am most thankful.  For those that must suffer until death, words cannot express the pain they suffer.  Families suffer also, but I really do not think there can be a comparison as the pain is different.  Gail was married to Lennon Singletary from Elizabethtown.  Gail lost her courageous fight in May of 1991.

Gail always had a smile in good health and bad.  She was always very neat.  Even after working on the farm all day, she was still neat.  A very pretty person inside and out!!!




Gail is one of many family members that did NOT win the battle.

I know many that have won, so keep up the fight, stay positive, and stay strong.


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