I have been wanting homemade biscuits for quite a while.  I know, I can get them at several fast food restaurants, but I wanted my own.

Back in the late ’70′s, I made biscuits that the geese would not even eat.  Overtime they did improve and were very good.  I decided tonight would be the night and the grandchildren may like them.   I still had no bacon drippings or Crisco so I used softened butter.

The children each said they were good.   They were ok, but something was missing!   I wondered why they did not rise ANY.  First thought maybe I had worked the dough too much but that would have made them so tough, they would have not been edible.  I then checked the flour bag–ALL-PURPOSE Flour.

Hopefully one day soon I will make a good biscuit, one that is Grandma Molasses worthy.


I may need as much counseling in the kitchen as my friend Josh Brisson does on some of his FB posts.


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