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Saturday, October 15th, 2011

I am tech illiterate in the worst sort of way!!  I almost have trouble turning on the TV, I am really sad.

Teenagers and younger adults have all types of tech gadgets that do an assorted amount of different things.  They each may have at least one ipod dock if not several.  I do not even have and ipod so have no need for the dock.

How about you, are you a tech in the know or like me barely get by?


Saturday, October 15th, 2011

I have not danced but just a very few times since I was 20-21 years old and that was not yesterday. I can remember the steps but have lost all sense of rhythm.  This may be because I can not multi-task.  I am ready to dance again.

It seems the big things now are line dancing and shagging.  Today, I learned the steps to the line dance so that if the opportunity presents itself, I can participate.  I really do need some RHYTHM.

Time will tell if I can improve my rhythm or have the opportunity and if I do, will I participate?

May also need to get in shape!!!  My legs are hurting.


Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I do not wear sunglasses normally because my prescription lenses are sun sensitive and darken when needed.  If I remember, I have shades that I can wear over my regular glasses.  The frame the shades are in is large enough to fit over my regular frame.

If I did not need prescription lenses, I would shop for some replica sunglasses, and probably have several different styles. Nine dollars ($9.00) a pair is a great price for these sunglasses. They are very stylish in almost any style one would want.

Take a look see and find yourself some bargain shades.


Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I have not slept well for years, the past month has been unreal!  I have meds but they sometimes make me feel sluggish the next day.  I may as well be sluggish from lack of sleep as I had the meds.

Last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was the worst ever.  I only slept about 6.5 hours in 59.  I also had to work with the public on Tuesday.  Not a good day.  I slept ok Tuesday night, but last night was another killer.  I slept about 2 hours.

My brother told me to get rid of my guilty conscience and I could sleep.  If that was the reason keeping me awake, I could sleep.

The doc is aware of my sleeping problems, so I guess I will just have to learn to deal with them.  I know it is affecting my overall health, but what is a body to do?

Someone told me to practice sleeping.  lol  Wish I could.



Friday, October 7th, 2011

Life changes every second. Life is constantly getting longer or shorter, depending on which side of the fence you are standing. It may stay the same for activities for short periods of time, but regardless life has good times, bad times, happy times and sad times.

With wire management, you may be able to control some of the changes, some of the time but you will never be able to control all of the changes all of the time.


Friday, October 7th, 2011

Why do I think it is my sole responsibility to climb to the top of the highest emotional ledge and then jump off head first.  No!, can’t jump so that I may land safely, I have to jump so that I completely fall head over heels.

If you are in a relationship now and it is meaningful, let the person know.  Yes, this is the 21st century, females can express themselves just as the males do.

If I had followed this advice, I am so sure that my life would have been totally different, filled with  genuine love, real happiness and so much more.   Is it really too late?  Probably, so what will I do?  I will forever ask “WHAT IF”.  I will have my cries, realizing just how much I have lost, one day pick up my shattered heart, and move on.  The saddest part of this little story is:  I CAN BLAME NO ONE but MYSELF.  I hurt then and I am hurting now.

I know some will read this and think you know exactly what I am talking about, let me tell you, “You have no idea”.


Saturday, October 1st, 2011

It seems that I always have more bills coming in than I have money to pay them.

I would still have to scrimp, but it sure would be nice if the renter caught up the back rent and started paying it on time.  I wonder if he does other obligations like he does me.  A debt is a debt, no matter whom you owe or why.

Both property insurances and car insurance is due–I am ever so thankful I can make payments.  Still it is the same amount of debt but paying per month is the only way I can take care of over $1700. worth of insurance that hopefully I will never need.




Saturday, October 1st, 2011

I enjoy crocheting, even the simplest of patterns.  I always have a sense of accomplishment when I finish a project.  I also get frustrated when the yarn I have chosen does not look good in the pattern I have chosen.

Example:  A co worker’s grandson was a year old in September.  I have tried for over a year (sporadically) to find a pattern that looked good in the chosen yarn–no luck.  I probably started 5 or 6 patterns and none of them did I like.  This was very frustrating!   I would crochet and pull out, crochet and pull out.  Finally, I just stopped for a while.

I recently saw a pattern on the computer that I really like.  The pattern looked simple (which I like) and the pattern was pretty.  It is a repetition of the same stitch over and over but still pretty.  I contacted the person, asking where they got the pattern.  She told me she had designed the pattern herself, I have done this twice and personally, I thought the afghans I designed were quite pretty.  (don’t know what I did with the patterns)

Anyway, we agreed on a price for her pattern.  I changed the pattern very little( really only added stitches to make it a little larger) and am enjoying making the blanket for this little fellow using different yarn.  Hopefully, I will have it finished about the time he starts college.

I have made all the grandchildren (even the 2 that probably no longer claim me) except the oldest and 2 youngest afghans.  I have started one for the knee-baby, a pattern I designed.  It has been so long since I worked on it, I will probably have to decipher the work I have done so that I will know where to start again.

Think I will get off this computer and crochet on the baby blanket!!


Saturday, October 1st, 2011

I feel that I have always had a job never a career.

When I did payroll at the nursing home, it seemed that Licensed Nurse Jobs were always open.  It was a challenge to get really qualified, caring, people to fill these positions.  The pay was always a little above other facilities and sometimes those hired were only interested in the pay not the well being of the residents.  Needless to say, those with this attitude were not on the payroll very long.

OOPS!  got a little off track—I consider a nursing a career not a job.


Saturday, October 1st, 2011

I have been fishing numerous times since July 4.  Most times not even getting a bite.  Twice I have caught several, but never any large enough to keep.

Hopefully that will change today.  My daughter, mutual friend, and myself hopefully will be catching spots.  That is the plan as of right now.  I would so like to catch enough that I could freeze a few.

But the question is:  Should I go fishing or be a sacrificing mom and keep the children so my daughter can really enjoy herself.