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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I said the latter part of April that I wanted to go to the park for the purpose of swinging.

I did indeed go to the local park but the swing sets are too small or I am too big. I was very uncomfortable sitting in those swings.  I did enjoy the swinging but was uncomfortable to the point of hurting.

I think a park in town may have larger swing seats or possibly a different type and I will have more fun when swinging, I’ll just have to ride over one day and check out those swings.



Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Previously mentioned was the enjoyment I had during Memorial Day weekend.  Well, the enjoyment and fun did not stop there.

Shortly after that weekend, my cousin and I went to my brother’s beach house and stayed 4 days.   It was very nice and having no schedule made it even better.  I took Bullett with me, he really likes to ride but does not care for the water.

On the way home, Cuz showed me where she always goes to the beach.  Once I walked down to the waterfront, I knew this was the beach for me.   I have been back there 3 times and plan to go as much as my schedule and gas funds will allow.  Of course, someone else will be driving some, so that will help with the gas funds.

I have also returned to the lake 2 times and more trips are being planned.  An extra of going to the lake is looking in the canal for gators and turtles.

Now, I need to do some housework because I never know when I will be hit with the “go fever”.!!


Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Some folks have enclosed fire containers that provide heat on chilly nights or even for some outside winter activities, others have open pits.  The outdoor firepits are either manufactured or are hand made.  I have no way for warmth when outside in the winter, so if possible, I stay inside.

I recently visited a couple that have an electric fireplace on their back deck.  They said it was very nice in the cooler months when they cook out.  I imagine they get a bit of pleasure using their deck year round.


Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

I had a very nice Memorial Day week-end, thanks to those that have served in the Armed Forces in the past and now.  I have had and continue to have the privilege to go where I can  afford the transportation to get there.

This particular week-end, on Saturday and Monday, I took 4 of my grandchildren to the lake house of very good friends.  The children enjoyed the water and I enjoyed the fellowship of my friends.

This was a very good way to start my summer and I hope it continues to be filled with fun activities of one type or another.

I have tentative plans to go to my brother’s beach house next week, if the house and dog sitter work out.