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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

It has been a couple of years or there about since I have done any swinging.  I need to go to the park and get on the big swing and see just how high I can make myself go.

The grandchildren have a swing in my backyard.  I am not sure that it will last until the youngest is too big for it.  I may need to invest in what is known as connecticut swing sets.

Before I invest in such a pleasurable item, I first need to have the repairs done on my car and have the weak places in the floors of my home repaired.


Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I was locked in the camp-site at Lake Waccamaw Friday night.  Campsite  is suppose to be open 8AM-8PM.  I arrived at the gate about 7:50 and it was locked tight as a drum.  First, I called the local number, reached a recording, that was absolutely no help.  Second, I called the 800 #, I did get a person, but they were unable to help me, saying to call 911.

I did not want to call 911 even tho it was an emergency to me for me to get out of the campsite, but I did not think I was in any danger.  I could have gone back to where my daughter was camping and spent the night with them, but really, really did not want to do that.

I did call 911 and first off told them I did not have an emergency then proceeded to tell the lady my problem.  She connected me to the local hospital and they called the park (power) ranger, came back to my line and said he would be there shortly and he was.

I was ever so very glad to get to my friends’ house and they had left the light on for me, but their place is better than a Motel 6.


Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

When I said I wanted to retire, my spouse said, if that is what you want to do, go ahead.  If I had known then what I know now, I would have waited another year maybe longer.

I retired on regular social security not social security disability. Thankful, I am that I did not need or do I think I now need disability payments.  I know that I am in a lot of pain when I work a full day, but so are many others.  I do not think I am physically fit to work fulltime.


Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I called my friends that have a house @Lake Waccamaw, right on the water, asking if I could spend the week-end there.  She replied, “of course you can, you can stay anytime you want and if you think someone else may be there, just call me.”

My daughter and her family were camping at the state park at the lake.  Her car is broken again, she bought the gas and I taxied them to their campsite.  I had to make 2 trips to get everyone there.  The second trip, I also took Bullett and his kennel.

Daughter and family enjoyed their week-end camping and I enjoyed time spent with my friends and their family.


Monday, April 18th, 2011

Today is my daddy’s birthday. He would have been 100 years old today. Daddy died May 8, 1988. It was Mother’s day that year. I do not dwell on his death on Mother’s day, God has enabled me to think no more of his death on Mother’s day than I do any other day. However, I do think of him a lot on May 8 and the date he was buried, May 10.

Mother had called my brother that leaves in Raleigh and myself on Thursday evening, telling us we needed to come. My now deceased brother lived next door, so he and his wife were already there. Odd that I remember this, I had prepared spaghetti for supper. Almost as soon as my husband came in from work, I left to go ‘home’.

I cannot remember when Bill (my husband) came–his daughter’s maternal granddaddy had died on Wednesday. I think he came on Friday afternoon. Anyway Sunday morning, he tells me that he needs to go see his mom, if I need him before he gets back to call. This was probably around 9:00. I felt that Daddy’s time was almost up, so I asked him to wait a little while before he left, which he did. Daddy died between 10:30 and 10:45.

Bill was there to give me support when I really needed it. He asked me what I needed for him to bring back for me, it had been decided that I would spend the following week w/Mother. The Man is unreal!!!! I told him I would need undergarments, pants and shirts and other shoes for the entire week, plus shoes, a dress, and slip for Daddy’s funeral. He brought back to me EVERYTHING that I would need. He had made me matching outfits of the pants and shirts. He probably did a better job of putting outfits together than I would have done.

My brother called me today. He always calls me when he thinks I will be down because of what a date may represent. I knew he called to check on me as we had spoken on Saturday. Neither of us mentioned that it was Daddy’s birthday, I know it was on his mind as well as mine.


Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Most all employers group the employees in certain jobs types, etc. manual labor, trained laborers, skilled laborers, technical jobs, supervisory jobs or management jobs.

I have been in manual, technical, trained, and for a very short time a supervisory job.  I have also been in the manual/trained type.  This is my favorite of all that I have worked.  Why this type, you may ask.   Simple—I go in do my job to the best of my ability, supervisor and management are pleased with my job performance.  Also, when I leave the job, “I leave the job”.  Stress or any anxiety associated with the job are left at the work place.


Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

I know that I am not the only person that goes to work pain-free and before the first break, pain abounds.

Today I restocked my OTC minerals and vitamins, I am hoping that my next shift at work my body will notice that something is different and there will be no pain or much less.

I should not complain —-I do have a job.  However it is still very uncomfortable to be hurting 5 hours after I get off.  I have taken a pain reliever but so far it has done no good.

OK, OK, I will just suck up and deal.


Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Life is good or at least one can do their best to make it that way.  Others can make you miserable if you let them, but you are the only one that can really make yourself happy  Others make you content or satisfied, or you enjoy being with them but happiness comes from within.

If one is overweight, it may have some bearing on their happiness.  If one is unhappy because of weight, he/she may resort to trying adapexin-p hoping to change themselves in order to be happy.

Cutting back on your food and good ole exercise is the only way to successfully lose weight and keep it off.  So, if you think you are unhappy because of your weight, try this approach.  Even if you find you are still unhappy, at least you are healthier.


Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

I have not always been a coffee drinker, but over the past several years I have developed a taste for it.  I have often been accused of adding coffee to my milk and sugar.  I don’t think I do this, taste pretty good to me.

That was definitely not the case this morning.  If I had added milk as accused, I would not have burnt my tongue on the hot coffee.  Not a good way to start the day!!  I do not like my coffee or foods so hot that I have to swallow them before I can enjoy the taste.


Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

My family has never had a family gathering at Easter, but my husband’s family always did.  Even last year when Granny was in the hospital, they had dinner and an egg hunt for the children.  Hubby and I chose to stay with Granny as Sunday was our day.  I am sure they will gather this Easter and Easters in the future, that is what Granny would want.  She always seemed to enjoy family gatherings so much.

As for me, I haven’t yet decided what I will do.  I will probably visit the Happy Easter Store stuffed animals, to see what they are offering this year.  I will probably buy me some chocolate and jelly beans.

Depending on what my daughter plans will determine if I go to church in Clarkton, or locally.