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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Is your skin perfect?  No, it is not!  No one has perfect skin.  With proper care or covered in make-up, it may appear perfect but is not. Proper care is the best option for good skin but some problems can not be solved with just care.

Some of these problems may be eczema, psoriasis or even nerves.  I have a combination of eczema and nerves.  The past 3 times I have been to the dermatologists, after speaking she says, “what is going on now”.


Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

2morrow, I will have a full day in the pharmacy.  The work I will enjoy more than cashiering but the long hours will not be good.  I usually work 4.5 hours once a week.  By the time I get home my feet and legs will be hurting and will hurt for several hours after I get off of them.

So is life, at least I have a part time job.


Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

There are so many different brands of watch, hearing aids and cell phone batteries, it is often difficult to decide which brand is best.  Sometimes the device will only accept a certain brand.

Motorola batteries are a very popular brand for cell phones and other small devices such as remote controls.  I have not had to replace any batteries except in my hearing aids in a very long time.  When replacement is due, I will again have to decide “which brand” this time.


Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

It rained most of Monday and most of today.  If April showers bring May flowers, what do March showers bring?

My own idea is water for the weeds to grow and maybe the grass a little.  At this time my yard looks like it has many more weeds than grass.

When the wind settles, I need to spray around the house, flower beds, and fence with “Round-Up”.  I may even spray in the ditch.  This will really help with the mowing.  I have never used a weed-eater but there is always a first time for everything.

I do hope this post does not make one think I am complaining, I am not.  When I think the weather may be too cold, too wet, too dry or too hot–I am thankful the conditions are no worse than they are and also thankful that I am not in control.


Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

I have a shoe problem in the biggest way, almost as bad as my daughter.  I just love me some shoes, but I want name brand as they are more comfortable and always have a better fit.

I really like easy spirit shoes!  I have dress shoes in my closet now made by Easy Spirit that are over 15 years old.  Yes, they are a little worn but still in style and still very comfortable.

Hopefully one day within the next 6 months, I can go back to the Outlet store in Myrtle Beach.  I also get my work shoes from them, great support.


Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

My SIL’s husband called me the latter part of last week, saying he had heard my lawn mower needed some attention.  I agreed and told him the problems.  We agreed that he would come after it Monday.  Sunday we had another conversation and agreed due to the expected weather it would have to wait a day or two.

He came after the mower today and had it back in less than an hour, with good news.  He said I need a new spark plug, and a new air filter.  The best news was that it no longer self propelled because the belt had come off.  He put the belt on, cleaned the filter and spark plug as best he couldand said it worked fine in his yard.

What a relief—-maybe I can get thru this summer without buying a new mower or hiring someone to mow my yard.

What did he charge me??? Nothing, but I promised him a coconut pie the next time I baked any.


Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Do you own your business or work for someone?  If you own your business, is it a private business or part of a franchise?  I have been self-employed before in a business owned by someone else, but really never one of my own.

In the late 80′s, I wanted to open a crafting business, but did not have the funds needed for capital.  I have also thought about the franchising of business such as some of the hamburger and chicken businesses, but that is as far as it went, just thoughts.


Monday, March 21st, 2011

I prepared myself a steak tonight for the first time since before May 5, 1973.

Thinking I would save on the electric bill as well as time, I purchased an inexpensive toaster, bake, convection and grill oven.  I have been wanting a steak, so that is the first thing I cooked in the new oven.  It was not dry and taste ok and maybe with time, I will be able to prepare one that is good.

I know that I will never prepare a steak that taste as delicious as the ones that Bill prepared on the charcoal grill.  The steaks he cooked were always so very tasty and never dry.


Thursday, March 17th, 2011

I live with-in 20 miles of the beach, so I see a lot of people driving there for vacation or just a bike ride around the loop.  Probably at least 1/3 of the vehicles I see are equipped with hitch bike racks.

I do not have a rack on my car but if I did and wanted to ride around the loop, I am so out of shape it would probably take me 3 or 4 tries before I could make the loop in one ride.


Thursday, March 17th, 2011

I had a medical procedure done today, an EDG.  The worst parts were traffic going into town and not remembering all that happened after I was supposedly awake and mobile.

Dr. did find that I have an “Erythema in the antrum”.  I have no idea what that is but he did send a biopsy to the pathologist.  Also, that I have a small hiatal hernia, but I already knew this.  Doc prescribed ‘Protonix’.

After I was finished at the Gastroenterologist office, he sent me to have a CT Scan, checking for any pancreaticobilliary abnormalities.

So now I get to play the wait and see game.  I am sure everyone is familiar with that.