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Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Before my husband left me and we vacationed in the Bahamas, even after he quit smoking cigarettes, he would smoke cigars while there.  Not any cigars, they had to be Jamaican cigars. I like to smell some cigars and these I did.  I think I enjoyed the aroma as much as he did the smoking.

Oh well, he is gone and I miss him and those days are over, but I have my memories of both.


Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Bullett is my dog.  He is company for me and sometimes so funny.  He will turn round and round in fast circles when I am about to pour him his food.  He will also get his tennis ball and run just as fast as he can across the yard, back and forth, then bring it to me so that I can throw it for him to fetch.

The little critter makes me laugh every time I come home and it is past time for him to be inside.  He always comes to the back gate to welcome me home.  I will say to him, “If you are ready to go in, go ahead.”  He will then run up the handicap ramp so fast that he makes me think of a horse running.

I do have a problem with him, tho.  He has stayed in the laundry room at night in his crate every night but one since I have had him unless he was in the kennel.  I have been invited by 2 different friends to spend the weekend with them and can’t easily do that unless I have someone to take care of him for me.  Still pondering on how I will handle this as I can’t afford to kennel him.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I am concerned about my weight but not enough to really discipline myself to do what is needed.  I need to get on a rigid schedule of fat burning exercises.

I was walking in the late spring and was beginning to loose a very few pounds.  The weather then got very warm, maybe even hot, and I quit.  Now that the temps are comfortable for walking, my reason for wanting to loose weight has left.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Sunday afternoon 3 of my grandchildren will be competing in the locals.  This is the last year one of them can cheer because of age.  I hate this for her because she really enjoys cheering and puts her all into it.

The youngest one does the motions to the cheers ALL the time.  While talking to you, just walking thru the house, while watching tv, and sometimes tries to do them even while eating.

My grandson just does not seem interested but yet when he cheers, he does not miss a beat.  I did not even know he knew how to do a somersault, but at last year’s competition, he did a perfect one.

Hopefully, they will all do well.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I do not think I will ever loose the weight that I would like.  Even when I cut my calories, it just does not seem to help.  Maybe, what I need is a quick weight loss program.  With my thyroid condition, I would probably gain instead of loose.

I think that I possibly need more will-power than I have, cut the calories, include exercise and healthy eating.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

My friends have really taken care of me this week.

A couple came and took me out on Tuesday night.  A sister- friend took me out to lunch on Wednesday.  This same sister- friend and I had lunch together today.

I have made tentative plans with the wife of the couple for October 30th.  I hope that nothing spoils those plans.

Good People — Good Friends.


Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Many people when decorating a room will blend floor coverings with the furniture or drapes.  This can be done in various ways, I think the most popular is using area rugs.  Occasionally, one may use oriental rugs or colored lampshades to blend items in a room.

For safety reasons, one must be very careful when using what is known as throw rugs, especially if a handicapped or elderly person resides in the residence.  Pretty decor is not worth the risk of someone being injured because they trip and fall because of a rug.

I have two large area rugs, one in the living room and one in the dining room.  Also, I have several accent rugs placed about in these rooms.  One day, I would like to remove the carpet and have hardwood floors using only accent rugs.

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To get the most pleasure from a room, set the mood with color and bring all components together with a rug from Superior Rugs.

Another thing to consider when choosing color is small children.  It is important to choose a color that will not keep you constantly cleaning the rug and material that will be comfortable for the children.   Superior offers products that can fit any room, any decor and any need.


Saturday, October 16th, 2010

SpideyMan is so funny to me.

When he laughs, it is usually very short “ha ha” and it sounds like he is really saying ‘ha ha’.  Occasionally he will say “ha ha ha ha”.

He loves to play make believe games.  He is almost always a detective or protective figure.  I guess he watched too many episodes of CSI with his granddaddy (not really).  He has told me about 3 times today “You have to leave this area, it is not safe”.  “You have to leave here, you cannot be in the crime scene area”, is another phrase he has used and also “You are under arrest come with me”.

I do enjoy those grandchildren.  Wish I could have been around the older 3 more, so that possibly they could know me for who I really am.

He just laughed, this time “ha”.


Friday, October 15th, 2010

Millions of people like to shop on Black Friday and the day after Christmas.  Not me!!!  Too many people out and about even if these are the best shopping days of the year.

I do not like to window shop.  If I do not have the money to buy, I had rather stay home.  My SIL and my mom use to shop all day and never buy anything but lunch.  I think my daughter took after them.


Friday, October 15th, 2010

SpideyMan is spending the weekend with me and is watching something apparently funny on TV. I am so jittery, every time he laughs loud, it scares me.

He is stretched out for the night. The boys and 2 of the girls sleep in the living room when they spend the night. Prissy always sleeps with me. None of them want to sleep in what was “Mother’s room”. They are not afraid to sleep where she slept, they just do not want to sleep on one end of the house and me on the other.

Hopefully, when my ship comes in, I can either buy a love seat or a couch that converts to a bed. That would end pulling out the cot or making a pallet on the floor. Some of them had rather sleep on a pallet than either the couch or cot.

My ship has sunk!, but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming about what I would like to have.