I really enjoyed my visit with friends at the lake yesterday.  They are such good people and true friends.

After lunch her husband, Monroe, had a few errands to run so he left Diane and myself to catch up on the children and local town folk.  She and I sat on the deck and watched the boaters and enjoyed the cool breeze and fellowship.  I can not remember this lady ever saying anything bad about another individual.

She then drove me around the lake showing me the lake houses of different folks from Clarkton.  When my rich uncle dies and leaves me his fortune, I am going to buy the house next door to her or the one 2 doors down.  Right!!all of my uncles are dead and neither of them had enough to even make a will.

We then went back to her house and sat on the deck some more, Monroe came home shortly after we got there.  I stayed maybe another 45 minutes and then I came home.

Monroe invited me back anytime and so did she.  One said and the other agreed, “You have a key, use it, you do not have to wait for us to be here to come.”  I have done that in the past but it is more fun if they are there.

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