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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Not ‘old’ but friends that I have had a long time, some of them have been friends for about 50 years.

Some of those friends are in a band known as the “Wingtips“.  The Wingtips had a reunion of past and present members Saturday night and entertainment was great.  I do hope that someone made slideshows of the event.  I know several people would like to have a copy of the event if any were made.

Real friends are always just a step away for the good, bad and indifferent events in your life, friends may be there momentarily and some that say you are a friend will stab you in the back or even to your face if things do not go their way.


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

The sermon Sunday was delivered by a young man of only 22 years of age. Let me tell you, do not think that one has to have years of experience to deliver without question what God has led them to say. Personally, I think Corey did an outstanding job of filling the preacher’s shoes.

The message text was taken from Philippians chapter 2 with references to Philippians chapter 1.

I hope that my notes and synopsis will convey what he was saying.

One goal:  the gospel

We should all have unity, humility, and ultimate love to share this gospel of Jesus Christ.

United with each other with no strife among us

Humble ourselves before God and each other

Ultimate Love for all the world wanting none to be lost

we are all called to share the gospel

our example is Christ

our charge is to deliver the gospel to all