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Friday, June 18th, 2010

Do you have family members who play golf??  In the latter years of my older brother’s life, he played golf almost every day.  DH would often play with him on the week-ends after he was diagnosed with cancer.  They played until my brother was no longer able to play.  I do not think they ever went to any resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach.  They probably knew my SIL and I would spend too much money shopping.

When we had been married just a few years DH and his brothers played golf together a lot, almost every Saturday.  Sometimes the younger brother and he  would enter tournaments and get great golf packages in Myrtle Beach to be enjoyed later.  This SIL and I always tagged along for the shopping fun.  We shopped while they played golf.

Myrtle beach is known for the great golf courses as well as the many places just to relax and have fun.  The next time you plan to be in the area, I strongly suggest you contact and schedule your T time.  Make your own ‘fun in the sun’.


Friday, June 18th, 2010

Some folks place savings in their budgets, while some of us consider ourselves fortunate just to meet the bills.  If you are one of the savors, do you have any IRA Accounts?  I have one that I am just letting sit there, drawing interest.  I participated in stocks one time but found that Stock Trading was not for me.  Lost almost all that I had invested, and did not have time to wait for recovery.

I would be afraid to do any any Online Trading even with a good Online Broker.  I am a skeptic by nature and the world’s best or worst pessimist.  If you are interested in trading stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s or anything of similar money markets,  First Trade may be the option for you.


Friday, June 18th, 2010

Some folks have one or two weeks each summer to vacation-free from work and school.  Where do these people choose to go on vacation?  Some stay home, some go to the mountains, and others make Myrtle Beach hotel reservations.  I have never stayed a week in Myrtle Beach or any where that I have vacationed as an adult, but sure would like to do just that.

On short get-a-ways, I have stayed in Myrtle Beach.  It is a fun place to be, the beaches are nice, lots of shopping to be done, even if just window shopping, a great place to relax and last but not least, the Myrtle Beach Accommodations are as good as any you will find anywhere.

If you have not made your vacations plans yet, I strongly recommend that you decide to vacation in Myrtle Beach and  visit here
to begin the vacation that will hold many happy memories.  Remember to take the camera!!


Friday, June 18th, 2010

How does one enjoy life and be happy on this earth?  Is it wealth, family, friends, health, or no worries?

God is a presence in my life, but not everyone’s so I did not include faith.

Wealth cannot make one happy.  It can sometimes ease the burden of every day life expense but certainly cannot buy happiness.

Family does not always contribute to enjoyment and happiness.  This family can be blood or in-laws.  Sometimes one is treated by their in-laws in a more loving way than actual blood family and sometimes not.  Family can be there no matter what or only there when all is going well in their sight.  The marriage vows say “for better or for worse” and this is how family should be.  Real families do take this attitude.

Friends, those that you are really close to are kinda like family.  One has good weather friends and those that are there for you no matter what.  I have several friends that would be there for me no matter what the situation.  A true friend is worth their weight in gold.  To have true friends, one must be a friend.  I personally try to always treat others like I would like to be treated.   Even when I have been wronged, I try to do what is right.  I would NEVER say or do something intentionally that I think would upset someone else.

Health can surely drain some of life’s joys and happiness.  It is our responsibility as much as we have the strength and knowledge to protect our own health.  I know things happen that we have no control of, but those that we do, we should.

Worry–I am a constant worrier.  It has been said, “If you can change the situation, worry about it, if you can make no changes, then do not worry”.  Worry is a part of some people’s make-up and having a ‘it will be ok’ attitude belong to others.


Friday, June 18th, 2010

Depending on what one wishes to do with their phone, usually determines the type of phone they have.  I just use my phone for conversation, do not care to have one with all the fancy programs.  I presently have a Samsung.   My phone is programed to do all the other stuff– texting, emails, games, etc, but like I said, I only want to use my phone for conversation.  My phone is a safety device as well as.  I travel a lot by myself  and feel very comfortable doing so as long as I have my phone with me.


Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Many people receive their mail in Commercial Mailboxes, you know the large ones placed in places that do mail and package shipping other than the post office.  Others rent mail boxes from their local post office.  Both of these require leaving home in order to get one’s mail.  This is acceptable for some, but not me.

Today there are so many different Residential Mailboxes from which to chose.  The one we have is a simple black one that has a little yellow flag that is raised when the mail box door is opened.  My MIL had a cute wooden one.  One can get mail boxes in any shape or design they wish.  With over 2500 hundred in one place to make your choice, should either make it easy or very difficult.


Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

DH and I go to Myrtle Beach on average of once a month.  Usually it is a day trip but on occasions have stayed the week-end. A relaxing week-end in a Myrtle Beach Hotel is high on my agenda.

The husband played golf several years ago so maybe if we went for a long weekend, he would once again enjoy the game if we stayed at one of Myrtle Beach best hotels that included rounds of golf in their “things to do”.

In our search for a nice hotel, we want to be able to fully relax and not have to worry about the small stuff.  After making our reservation, we just want to go to our hotel and have everything taken care of such as breakfast, dinner and entertainment.  That is why we will shop to get the best of the best.


Friday, June 11th, 2010

When shopping for insurance is your main concern the benefits or the premium?  If on a very fixed income, one often has to look at the premium rather than the benefits. It is really hard to find cheap health insurance that will provide the coverage one may need.

I have two health insurance policies and sometimes I still have to pay a part of the doctor visit.  I always have to pay part of the billing for Ct scans, sono-grams and labs.  But I say some insurance is better than no insurance.


Thursday, June 10th, 2010

I guess you could classify me as an old fogey.  I do not like some of the more modern clothing, furniture, room decor and even some of the newer model cars.  I am embarrassed for some of the girls that I know, going around in clothing cut so low that about half of their “girls” are exposed.  That is another post and another subject.

This post is about modern sofas. One would have to have a gigantic living room for some of these sofas to fit.  I have looked at living room furniture recently and I have seen nothing that appealed to me.  If the style does not change by the time I need to replace what I have, I guess it will be time to start looking for crates and barrels.  I am hoping to get a few more years of use from what I have so maybe the style will be changed.


Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Each August my brother and his wife invite his family, (sister, sister-in-law, nephews and nieces and their families) to his beach house for a weekend.  All we have to do is go and enjoy ourselves.  I really enjoy this time with my family.   We eat, play cards, play on the strand and some play in the beach.  It is a weekend of almost total relaxation.

Dear Daughter is going this year for the first time.  She is highly allergic to dogs, so we will see how it goes, sure hope she does not have to use her epi-pen.  We may have to check into Outer Banks foreclosures, if she needs to use the pen.  We could possibly have our own beach house, if the prices are right.  That would be fun, fun, fun!!