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Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Just what is slimquick ? It is a diet aid, of course.  Is it to be used like a small cut bandage or a large surgical bandage?  The answer is just what you expect to receive from such a product.

The product alone cannot do all the work.  How much thought will there be in your meal planning?   Will your meals be healthy plus low in carbs, calories and fat content.  Also, are you going to exercise once a week or 5 days or maybe even 7 days per week?

One cannot decide to diet, pick a product from the shelf and boom –immediate weight loss with no effort from the user of the product. Like all other life activities, one has to take an active part in order to be successful.


Friday, April 23rd, 2010

The Monday after my MIL passed away on Sunday, I discovered I had a major problem.  I did not tell DH until Thursday because of the stress he was already under.  I would not have told him until after I had the doctor’s appointment on Friday, but could not come up with a way to explain why I needed him to keep the granddaughter that I babysit, while I went to town for a couple of hours.

Anyway, the doctor says I either have an infection or diverticulitis.  Let me tell you!  You do not want either one!!  After I came home I did a little research and found that diverticulitis is a certain type of infection.

Maybe I will find out on the 28th just what my problem is or maybe not.  I know that I have several tests to be scheduled, in trying to pinpoint the cause of my pain and agony.


Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Some age gracefully and others do not.  Ageing for some have very few tell-tell signs while for others there are many.  Wrinkles and age spots are two that come to mind quickly.

My mom died 45 days before she was 97 and had very few wrinkles, I have more wrinkles than she had. She did have quite a few age spots.  I have more than my fair share of those.  While sitting with my MIL, one day she said “You have more age spots on your hands than I do”.  I could only reply, “Yes mam, Granny, I do”.  Granny was only 19 1/2 years my senior. ( I called her Granny because so many others did and it seemed more endearing than Ms.______.) She was not being critical just observant.

Ageing is a mysterious part of life.  Why do some show what we have determined to be a sign of age and others do not. My mom was not a ‘sun worshiper’, but she was a farmer’s wife and spent many, many days of many years in the sun. She did not pamper herself with cosmetics, so that can’t be the reason for few wrinkles. Why would one have so many age spots and another just a few? So many factors are included in how and why one ages as he or she does, that it will always be an unsolved mystery.


Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Yes, I need a course in dieting.  Not really! I need to discipline myself.  I think I have sweet teeth instead of what some refer to as a sweet tooth.

I know, for me, there is no quick weight loss for 2 very valid reason.  Reason #1:  I like food, I enjoy eating, and am addicted to sugar even tho I know it is not in my best interest to eat, eat, eat and consume so much sugar.  Reason #2:  I have no thyroid to help in my metabolism except the meds I take that are suppose to do what the thyroid does.  We all know that no medicine is as good as what God made.  Why some have problem thyroid tissues I do not know.  I do know that it is not an error in God’s creation.

I will decide one day that I really do need to cut back the amount of food and sugar that I consume and will very slowly shed a few pounds.  A little exercise along the way will not hurt my efforts.  I know in advance that it will be a long process.


Monday, April 19th, 2010

of cancer are many and the causes are also many.  Some types are thought to be caused by certain activity while others are just a weak cell or heredity.

Mesothelioma Cancer is said to be caused from asbestos.  Doesn’t matter what the cause or the age when acquired, cancer is always a dreaded disease.  I have seen many people suffer until their death with cancer and I also have seen a few survivors.

Experts say early detection is the key to survival.  My advice is get your check-ups when scheduled and follow your gut feelings.


Monday, April 19th, 2010

Last Sunday at 12:15 Granny left this earth to go to her heavenly home. It is hard to know and accept that she is not present with us.  I do not understand why but I will one day.

I had the pleasure and privilege of assisting in her care after she broke her back on Feb 16.  Granny was so easy to care for, never complained about the way I did things and really never asked for anything but water or her Pepsi, or a snack.

Wed, March 30, Granny was having a very hard time breathing that morning when I arrived for my shift.  Baby Daughter stopped by on her way to work asking if she would go to the hospital.  Granny said ‘no’.  Later that day Granny had 2 doctor appointments, after she was dressed to go, she told 2 of her daughters ‘I can’t make it to the car’. Rescue personal was called, he came in his private vehicle and persuaded Granny to go to the hospital.  He called his team and they came and took Granny to the hospital.

Long story short—that was the last time Granny was home.  Granny was not afraid to die.  She knew that she would not come back home and told all of us in ways that we had to understand that she would not.  Knowing that she knew and telling us so that we would know, certainly does not make Granny not being a few minutes away or a phone call away any easier.

Her last 11 days on earth, with a Bipap mask on, she was still a witness to others.  One of the caregivers at the hospital went to visitation telling us what a sweet person “Ms. Alice” was how she enjoyed caring for her and that she always smiled when she went in the room.  Terri’s daughter also went because she wanted to see the family of the lady her mom had talked about so much at home.

“Granny, I am missing you.”


Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I had very few problems with acne as a teen or young adult.  My husband and one of his brothers did.  Some of my classmates also had acne problems. I do not know what they used as teens as a medication for their acne.

As an older adult, I have had more acne problems than as a teen. Wonder if my hormones are reversing? I may have to consider adult acne treatments, if it gets too bad. I hope that the acne soon subsides as the treatment may be more than I can afford right now.


Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I went to see Granny twice today. I went around lunch time and she was very sleepy and slept during most of that visit. That is fine. I am not making “social calls”.

Tonight she was awake more and was watching the news when we arrived . After that she watched 2 of her favorite shows. At 8:00 I asked if anyone had put lotion on her feet and got a no nod. Asked if she wanted me to and got a yes nod. She went to sleep while I was putting lotion on her feet. Yes! I was rubbing her feet and she went to sleep.

DH and I did not even tell her we were leaving, after the restless night she had last night, if she can sleep, let her sleep.


Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Yesterday, while at the hospital visiting my MIL, one of the BIL asked what company insured our vehicles.  After our response, he replied that was the company that insured his and had since the 1970s.  He went on to say that he was very dissatisfied with recent happenings and would be seeking free insurance quotes from other companies so he could make a comparison.

Sad part is even after the comparison, how do you chose the company that you think will be the best for you. Do you choose simply on premium or other factors important in your decision.I found a company last year that had a cheaper premium but they could not insure the house because of it’s location so DH wanted to stay with the one that already insured us. I do not always agree with his decisions but he is the head of the house.

Having not had a ticket or accident being our fault in many years, I think we are paying entirely toooooooooooo much for insurance.

NC requires all vehicles to be insured and I personally think the insurance companies are using that as a way to make extra money. Yes, we have an insurance commissioner that is to keep a cap on premiums along with many other duties. Can he look at all polices to check the premium, I don’t think so.