The type of care your pets receive will always depend on the pet.  The best care for a horse will certainly be different than the best care for the fish in the aquarium or the outside pond designed just for them.

How about your dogs or cats, are they inside pets or outside or maybe a little of both?  Do they have pet beds or just an old blanket or nothing?

Bullett is the first dog that we have ever let stay inside at night.  All of our other dogs had nice dog houses but stayed outside unless the weather was extremely cold.  The others had never been abused, Bullett had, so I felt he needed a little extra attention.

Mind you, Bullett does not roam the house, he comes in and goes straight to his carrier which is in the washroom and he is ready for bed.  Even when the door that separates the washroom from the rest of the house is open, he does not even attempt to come in the house.

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