The process of aging is kinder to some than to others and the reasons vary.  I am referring to facial winkles.

Those that spend many years worshiping the sun may need lots and lots of anti wrinkle face cream and it still may not cover even half of the their wrinkles.

Heredity may influence the amount of facial wrinkles one may have.  I had a great aunt that had more than her fair share of wrinkles and then one of my mom’s sisters was quite wrinkled, oh how I loved her.  Mom and her other sisters were not very wrinkled.  Only one of the daughters of the aunt are wrinkled and I am wrinkled, so I think definitely it is heredity.  One of the cousins has hardly any facial wrinkles and she is next to the oldest of all of us.  Explain that.

Overall general health may also have an influence and then again maybe not.  I just do not understand all of the aging process and the reason some folks are effected one way and others another.  Do you?

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