I have wanted a steak grilled by DH for a long time.  Either our schedules or the weather did not allow for him to do this.  Tonight, that is what I am having for supper, in fact, the grill is ready and he just went outside with his.  He likes his well done and I like mine medium well.  Yes, he can cook a steak well-done and it will NOT be dry.

That may be the solution to my weight problem–only eat what I really want, not just graze all the time because the food is there or to try to satisfy a craving. Like I have said before, the best diet aids are not sold, but are self discipline by the individual wanting to loose the weight.

I do need to be more careful of what I eat but I will not start tonight—steak with baked potato and lots of butter!!  YUM! YUMMY!!!

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