As some of you may know, my MIL fell on Feb. 16 and shattered a lower vertebrae.

Feb 20 I posted this comment–I am afraid this is going to be a longer process to get her walking with a walker than some think. Must have been the Thomas in me saying that.

A month later and am I ever wrong. I am a pessimist by nature and had doubts as to how well she would do. Whomever had brought the walker to her house on Friday before she was released from the hospital that afternoon. Physical therapy came the first of the next week and showed her how to use the walker getting up from her lift chair and other best ways for it to aid her. Let me tell you, following behind her walking with that walker is the best fat burner any one needs. I am so glad that she is improving so fast.

FYI, I call her “Granny” as so many other people do. Granny only takes her Percocet about once a day, other times if she needs anything she takes Tylenol. She never complains with her back hurting, it is always her right hip and then she complains very little. I sure hope that in the shock of seeing the damage to her vertebrae they did not overlook a problem with her hip.

Granny says that God has healed her back and I know that He is capable.

DH and I stay with her tonight and I need to get up from here and make her a blueberry cobbler.

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