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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

The type of care your pets receive will always depend on the pet.  The best care for a horse will certainly be different than the best care for the fish in the aquarium or the outside pond designed just for them.

How about your dogs or cats, are they inside pets or outside or maybe a little of both?  Do they have pet beds or just an old blanket or nothing?

Bullett is the first dog that we have ever let stay inside at night.  All of our other dogs had nice dog houses but stayed outside unless the weather was extremely cold.  The others had never been abused, Bullett had, so I felt he needed a little extra attention.

Mind you, Bullett does not roam the house, he comes in and goes straight to his carrier which is in the washroom and he is ready for bed.  Even when the door that separates the washroom from the rest of the house is open, he does not even attempt to come in the house.


Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Received a phone call this afternoon giving me an update on my MIL.  I am to stay with Granny tomorrow.

I was told that she is not feeling well and her feet and ankles are swelling.   This is not good as she may be retaining fluid and this could lead to even more serious problems.

The x-rays she had made last week did not hold good news either.  She has an appointment with one of her doctors tomorrow but I can remember which one.

She says she is tired of people having to do for her.  She has always been able to do most of what she wanted and it is really hard for her to depend on someone else for ALL of her care.

Hopefully the news she gets tomorrow will be good!!


Friday, March 26th, 2010

The process of aging is kinder to some than to others and the reasons vary.  I am referring to facial winkles.

Those that spend many years worshiping the sun may need lots and lots of anti wrinkle face cream and it still may not cover even half of the their wrinkles.

Heredity may influence the amount of facial wrinkles one may have.  I had a great aunt that had more than her fair share of wrinkles and then one of my mom’s sisters was quite wrinkled, oh how I loved her.  Mom and her other sisters were not very wrinkled.  Only one of the daughters of the aunt are wrinkled and I am wrinkled, so I think definitely it is heredity.  One of the cousins has hardly any facial wrinkles and she is next to the oldest of all of us.  Explain that.

Overall general health may also have an influence and then again maybe not.  I just do not understand all of the aging process and the reason some folks are effected one way and others another.  Do you?


Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Do you review items and think them thru before making decisions as to the benefit or not of just you, close family, or all that it may effect? I am guilty of both reviews.

I really think that those we have elected to represent us should have contacted before voting yesterday. I have talked with several people about this health bill and only 1 in the 25 or more that I spoke with  was/is in favor of this now ‘more destruction of our nation’.

Only time will tell the pros and cons, but from what I have read and heard, the cons far out weigh the pros. I understand that if you do not pay privately for insurance, you will be fined and if you can’t afford the premiums, then your insurance will be provided.  Is that not medicaid??  How this will benefit the medicare and medicaid programs, I do not understand.

I bet if the truth were known, in all those pages of this bill, there are more than one contradiction.

I can’t change the situation now, but come November if I need to, I can surely cast a vote that may help me in the future.


Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I once thought I would never be 16 and then it was 21 but before I knew it I was 30-40-50-60 and now 60+.  I think back and wonder how so much has happened in such a short period of time because now time seems to be flying by.

One thing that I have noticed over the years and especially more recently is the wrinkles.  Did I just say ‘wrinkles’, yes, I did.  I am well blessed with laugh signs around my eyes, some refer to them as crows feet. I have never contemplated using eye creams. I am just not that vain. I am blessed to have those wrinkles so I will wear them with pride.

I feel the same about my hearing aids. I am not embarrassed that I need them so I may hear distinctly what is said just as I wear my glasses in order to see who is doing the speaking.

Getting older is wonderful even if ‘arthur’ visits me every day.


Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I have wanted a steak grilled by DH for a long time.  Either our schedules or the weather did not allow for him to do this.  Tonight, that is what I am having for supper, in fact, the grill is ready and he just went outside with his.  He likes his well done and I like mine medium well.  Yes, he can cook a steak well-done and it will NOT be dry.

That may be the solution to my weight problem–only eat what I really want, not just graze all the time because the food is there or to try to satisfy a craving. Like I have said before, the best diet aids are not sold, but are self discipline by the individual wanting to loose the weight.

I do need to be more careful of what I eat but I will not start tonight—steak with baked potato and lots of butter!!  YUM! YUMMY!!!


Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Today being the first day of spring and a really beautiful day with golden sunshine, instead of liquid, I spent about an hour outside.  Yes, I tried to soak up a little Vitamin D, mine is low anyway.  I am having problems with my skin so I thought the sun may help with that also.  Sometimes the sun is the best acne wash that one can find, much better than any you will find on the store shelf.

I pulled just a little grass and weeds from some of the flower beds and one of the garden spots.  I am already getting sore.  It is sad that I let myself get this out of shape.   I really need to discipline myself to take better care of myself. I think that I will spend a few minutes each day that I can outside next week pulling on those weeds and the grass that is trying to overtake my pretty flowers.


Saturday, March 20th, 2010

DH has chosen Friday night as his night to stay with Granny.  I stay one day during the week and he and I stay Friday nights and Sunday.  When the other 2 sons stay, the wives also stay.   It is best for Granny if a female is present.

Last night she only called for us twice but I did not rest well.  I was hot, then I was cold, then I felt like tiny pins were sticking in me. This went on all night.

I am so sleepy now but could only nap for a few minutes.  Maybe tonight I will be able to sleep.

I am in no way saying that staying with Granny is why I could not sleep.  I have more nights staying at home that I do not sleep well than nights that I do.


Friday, March 19th, 2010

As some of you may know, my MIL fell on Feb. 16 and shattered a lower vertebrae.

Feb 20 I posted this comment–I am afraid this is going to be a longer process to get her walking with a walker than some think. Must have been the Thomas in me saying that.

A month later and am I ever wrong. I am a pessimist by nature and had doubts as to how well she would do. Whomever had brought the walker to her house on Friday before she was released from the hospital that afternoon. Physical therapy came the first of the next week and showed her how to use the walker getting up from her lift chair and other best ways for it to aid her. Let me tell you, following behind her walking with that walker is the best fat burner any one needs. I am so glad that she is improving so fast.

FYI, I call her “Granny” as so many other people do. Granny only takes her Percocet about once a day, other times if she needs anything she takes Tylenol. She never complains with her back hurting, it is always her right hip and then she complains very little. I sure hope that in the shock of seeing the damage to her vertebrae they did not overlook a problem with her hip.

Granny says that God has healed her back and I know that He is capable.

DH and I stay with her tonight and I need to get up from here and make her a blueberry cobbler.


Saturday, March 13th, 2010

What are you trying to mount and how do you want to mount it?  There are many various things to mount and as many ways to mount whatever.  Always use care and caution when mounting so as to not damage the mounted or the surface on which it is mounted.  Probably the most common mount used is the flat panel mount. Is this your mount of choice? Why or Why not?