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Friday, October 30th, 2009

Christmas is less than 2 months away!!!! Have you started your shopping, finished your shopping, waiting until the last minute, or just not going to do any shopping?  If you plan to shop online may I suggest that you start with ShopWiki.

If you have watches on your list, you can find the most variety and the best prices by shopping on line rather than driving from store to store.  Also additional information is given to help you decide which watch is best suited to the person for whom you are buying.

Sometimes, one may want to give diamonds which are very pretty and ladies like to receive but not functional for a specific need. Many choices of watches are available that are accented with diamonds.

Also, available are many, many other types of jewelery that would please anyone on your shopping list.


Friday, October 30th, 2009

I have none! except make sure the children are ok and fed.  Today is teacher work day and  their mom is working so that means I have the pleasure of having them with me.

As long as the TV is working and I have movies for them to watch and occasionally get them something to drink, life is good.

DH was going to the store so I asked if they wanted sandwiches or hotdogs w/mac and cheese. Five little voices almost in unison “hotdogs w/ mac and cheese”.

DaBaby is something! When we are alone she is a big girl. If even one of the other children are here, she whines and thinks she should have her way about everything. Wrong–doesn’t happen that way.

SpideyMan asked first this morning if he could pick a movie, all the others will pick a movie before he does again. All are watching the movie except Prissy and she is playing at the table with little plastic zoo animals.

Stuntman does not ask to spend the night, but the 4 youngest beg almost everyday if they can stay over.

The joys (most of the time) of being a grandparent.

As life dealt the blows, I could spend very little time with the older 2 grandsons. This I regret. I know that I missed sooo much!


Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

are amazing.  Not only in what they say and do, but how they recover from sickness.  DaBaby got sick about 2am Tuesday morning.  All day yesterday and into last night, she had a high fever.  At least, it was high to me but not the doctors.  Anytime a fever is over 100, I get very anxious.  No I did not take her to the doctor, it did not get over 101.  Anyway, yesterday she just lay around, as usual watched TV, but did not participate, would not eat and drank very little.

Even with the high fever, she did not nap but went to sleep last night about 7:30, woke about 10:30 for about 30 minutes and then went back to bed.

The good news in all of this is she is fine this morning, eating, laughing, participating in the Dora show.  I just love how they ask questions and she answers them.

In case some of you may be wondering why I am keeping her at night also, she wants to stay and it is just easier this week because of her mom’s work schedule.


Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Why does insurance companies not use just plain ole, non-complicated terms in their policies?  One needs a doctorate to sometimes understand what they are saying.  I would never buy insurance online, I cannot understand half the time what they are saying or mean, but my brother does and I always seek his guidance about insurance. He has sold insurance for years and seems to know all the ins and outs, plus I can or anyone else can trust him.

YESTERDAY 10-25-09

Monday, October 26th, 2009

I have fallen way behind in doing the “Self Portrait Sunday”.  No, I do not have pics to post for all of the Sundays I have missed.  Maybe I can get back on track next week and that is a big maybe.

Yesterday I went to SS and church.  We had a deacon ordination service that was unique.  The pastor told us a little about each new deacon and then about the active deacons.  I left immediately after the ordination.  Why did I not wait until the end of the service??

Cheer Competition is why.  I have 5 grandchildren that were competing in the local competition.  The 14 and 16 year old granddaughters are on the same squad, 9 year old grandson is in his age group, and then the 8 year old grandson and 5 year old granddaughter are on the same squad.

Some of the squads were really good and did some fantastic stunts and had lots of children on some of the them.

I know you are wondering if the grandchildren will be going to regionals in Charlotte Thanksgiving week-end.  The three oldest will be going.  Yay, they were runner-up in their division.  The two younger ones were judged on squad performance, but do not participate in regional competition.

The 9 year old said “Grandi, it would be awesome if you go to regionals with us”.  Since the younger ones will not be going, I guess I will stay home and keep them.  I would really enjoy going to the regionals but what are Grandis for, if not to pitch hit for Mom when needed.

You may be wondering why the boys are cheering instead of playing football like the 11 yearold grandson.  The 9 yro, SpideyMan, decided he did not want to play football and wanted to quit but Mom would not let him just quit because this is a family activity for all except the 3 yro, have to be 5 to participate.  He was given the option of cheering or continue with football.  After a few games, one of the boys on the 8 yro’s (BatMan) team quit which left them without enough team members to play and he wanted to cheer.  They are both good and do not seem to be intimidated by all the girls around.

I was sitting on the top bleacher on the second floor of the gym and could see the concentration on the 3 older ones’s faces.   BatMan did a perfect cartwheel and didn’t miss a beat.  (yes, I am bragging)

It was loud but it was fun!!!


Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I said several weeks back that I would tell you more about the week-end at Emerald Isle.

My brother and his wife invite all of his nieces, nephews, a sister-in-law (was married to our deceased brother) and her husband and myself to their house usually the first week-end in August.  Nothing is required of us but go and have a good time.  Their house is only one street over from the beach.

Participation was better this year than in the past.  Our SIL had recent surgery and could not go but everyone else except 2 nephews (1 nephew also has 5 others in his family)  and 3 nieces were there. One niece wanted so very badly to go, but she is allergic to dogs and they have dogs.

It was a fun-filled week-end with walking several times down to the beach, the children enjoying the water, eating and playing cards.  The not fun part was when DaBaby walked away from us unnoticed.

dscf2143my brother has mannerisms so much like my dad did

dscf2135my SIL is a great cook and Bentley just likes to have one on one time.

dscf2157Watermelon enjoyed by the early arrivals late Friday afternoon after a visit to the beach.


dscf2154Spideyman and DaBaby

dscf2153Prissy and Batman

dscf2151Country and Stuntman

dscf2131Walking home after checking out the waves at the beach.

dscf2132DaBaby couldn’t keep up so Country walked with her.

dscf2136L to R) Country, Stuntman, Spidey, Brother, and DaBaby


dscf2149I can only for sure identify my brother and DaBaby.

I hope you have enjoyed my little album of fun at the beach.  I am not a photographer and have forgotten how to edit pictures.

I really look forward to 3 events a year.  The week-end with my brother, the Duncan family reunion the first Sunday in October, and the Martin family reunion Thanksgiving week-end.


Monday, October 19th, 2009

I am so computer illiterate it is sad, but I just can’t seem to grasp the ins and outs of the lingo. I can do okay if someone does a task and I make my own notes to follow for the next time. It would definitely be in my best interest to get an online backup system. If my unit was to crash I would loose everything. Let me tell you that would NOT be good.


Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

The children have been in school about 6 weeks and a virus is already raging thru the house.  Even antispyware software could not prevent this. One was sick yesterday,two today and no one knows how many will be sick tomorrow. Selfish as it may sound, I surely hope DaBaby does not get sick and bring it over here to us. I would hate to be sick on vacation or even worse have to cancel it.


Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Anyone can live in a house but it takes special people to live in a home.   Love, understanding, patience and forgiveness are just a few of the qualities involved in a house becoming a home. A manufactured home does not exist, a home is made by people who have the genuine qualities listed above.  Now, do you contribute to a home or are you in a house?


Monday, October 5th, 2009

The kitchen is almost finished with the exception of a few detail decorations and hanging the decorative items.  I am not sure if I want glass tiles and what color on the wall behind the stove or if I just want a piece of clear plexi glass.  I have such a hard time making decisions, I want to be sure that I will be satisfied for years to come before I say ‘Yes this is it’.