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Friday, August 28th, 2009

The week-end that we spent at the beach with my brother and his wife as I said was FUN.

We played quite a few games of cards.  The 9 year old grandson, Spidey Man, taught my brother how to play Phase 10 and my brother taught him how to play Rummy.  We enjoyed several games of each.

Spidey Man is staying with us tonight and he wanted to play cards.  We decided that the final score would be 1000.  People, the little fellow beat me by 35 points!  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  He may win again tomorrow.

I will have to develop a better strategy, if I expect to beat him.  He has also beaten me in Phase 10.


Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Art had it about right when he made his comment about what kids may say.  Some, at times, say the most grown-up things, while what others may say is just funny.

I only kept the 3 1/2 year old today and we did a few errands.  After we left getting my hearing aids cleaned, she said “Grandi, will you stop and get us some food”.  How dumb can one Grandi be?  I also got her a chocolate milk shake, of course, she spilled some on her shirt.  She said “Don’t worry, I cleaned it off”.

This is too funny.  This little fellow is going to be a grammar professor when he grows up.  He, too, is in the 3 to 4 year old group.  J spent Sunday afternoon and night with his grandparents.  Sunday afternoon his Grandpa bought him a toy car garage or some such toy.  When his dad picked him up Monday morning, J says “Look what Grandpa bought me when I spun the night”.  Too cute.

DaBaby has already said she wants to spend the night, Prissy does not have school tomorrow so I may get her also as Mom has to be to work at 8.   School traffic is a nightmare since I live beside the high school and the middle school is between my house and DD #1′s house.


Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

I know of no one that likes to go to the dentist.  For some unknown reason this ranks very low on the appointments one must make.  I guess some do not realize the impact on one’s health that good oral hygiene has.  I am hopeful that all of the grandchildren will keep their appointments with their dentist even if it is not a orange nj dentist. One of the grandsons has really pretty teeth so very straight and white.  He is considered an adult by age, and is on his own, so whether or not his teeth are a priority is in his basket.


Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

School in our county started today.  Part of the grandchildren attended public school for the first time ever today.  What a change and challenge for all of us.

Country went to high school last half of last school year.  Today she started 10th grade in all honors classes.  Diva started grade 8 at the middle school.  Stuntman in grade 5, Spidey man in grade 3 ( may be put up after assessment), Batman in grade 2 and Prissy (Draaama) will start kindergarten tomorrow.  The 4 younger ones are at the elementary school.  The bus that takes them to and from school also comes by my house.  If for any reason they need to come to my house, no big change.

What will DaBaby and I do all day to keep us occupied??  It will be so different not having the others with us.

I am excited for those in school and also sad that I will not have them with me.  The good part is I can be a Grandi now and have fun when I am with them instead of enforcing that they do their school work.

I guess home school is a thing of the past for them.

BLOG your BLESSING 8-23-09

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

FRIENDS are a blessing.  I am speaking of what happened this week, in actions and words.  To protect those involved and the innocent I cannot tell the story, but believe me, it was indeed a blessing that will not be forgotten.


Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Having a drug problem is rough on those with the problem and family members and friends, as well.  If you should have a problem, admit it and do NOT be ashamed to ask for help.  Get yourself in a drug rehab program as soon as possible and after completing the program get yourself an accountability partner.

Suppose you know you have a problem but do not know who to contact or how to get treatment. There are government agencies that will help you and you do not have to worry about being shamed by the facilities.  Almost every one has a crutch of some type or another, some are just more dangerous to ourselves and others


Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Some people do not own any pets, other just have cats or dogs, while other have both.  I only have a dog and would not have him had he not been abused.  These are not the only pets to have.  I would NEVER have a crawly thing for a pet, may be a fish or turtle, but I say when Bullett dies, no more pets.

I have a friend that has 6 pairs of love birds, 2 cockatoos (may have more now, they were setting on eggs), an unknown number of cats, 3 dogs and 4 horses.  I have never asked where she gets her horse supplies, but I am sure with all those pets, she does bargain shop.  Bargain shopping does not mean giving up quality.  One of her horses is 28.  This horse gets lots of TLC.  I can really see the age of this mare when I look at her face.  She also moves very slow.  Leta has never foaled.  No particular reason that I know of except she just hasn’t.


Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

and other credit card companies.  I have had a fixed rate with AMEX for years, not 2 or 3 more like 8 or 10.  I started with an interest rate of 12.99, then it went to 13.99, still not bad.  I recently received a letter letting me know that I would no longer have a fixed rate but a variable rate.  This will take effect with billing periods after October 1,  the new rate will be prime rate plus 13./99%.   August 1 this rate would have been 17.24%.

Needless to say this changes the method I was using to be debt free May 2013.  That is still my goal but I will just have to pay differently.  I was hoping to have a lower balance card with a lower interest paid off in about 18 months.  I will now put all extra money towards this increased interest account.  (Who am I kidding, there is no extra money.)  The lower interest card will now be put on the back burner, which will take me close to my goal date to get it paid off.  I just hope they do not decide to raise the interest on it.

CHASE sent me a letter dated the 23rd of July stating my credit line had been decreased.  This card was paid off in April and will NOT be used again unless there is an emergency that I can find no other way to deal with it.  One of the reasons they gave was “too few open accounts with time on file greater than 24 months“.  Even credit card companies should realize that in this economy even those that have credit cards use them rarely, are trying not to use them and pay off the balance, or pay entire balance off monthly.


Monday, August 17th, 2009

Why do I tease myself with reading diet plans and exercise programs?  I know the only true way to lose weight is burn more calories than I eat.  Maybe a diet accountability partner and someone to exercise with would be beneficial to me.   Even better would be a Medifast diet. I may have success with meals already prepared in the correct portions as long as I could not find in Little Debbie Nutty Bars.


Monday, August 17th, 2009

Woman have a pretty good idea of the piece and type of jewelry they want.  White gold, yellow gold, diamonds, emeralds, pearls or birthstone, they know and also know whether it should be in the form of a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet.

The guy in our life may be clueless as to what to get for what occasion.  Good News here is that Bella True has a section on their site labeled “Tips for Guys”.  This section will help him decide the what and why of any jewelry he may chose and give him tips on the best choice to make.

The ‘Special Days’ section lists several different occasions that she would like to be presented jewelry.  Earrings are often a good choice for any celebration.

This pair could be gifted as a pre-wedding, anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift.  This is just one of the many, many pieces shown from which to chose.

So, guys, should you be reading this, don’t hesitate to visit this site for very good advice on what and when to buy.