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Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I will comment on DH as my blessing this week.  It seems that he goes out of his way to please me.

2 purple verbena

2 purple verbena

1 pink and 2 raspberry colored verbena

1 pink and 2 raspberry colored verbena

On the 23rd of May he planted these with the purple, just as I asked. After seeing them around the purple for a week, I decided that I did not like them there and wanted them in pots for this summer.

I tell him Saturday I need to go to Wal-mart for flower pots and Miracle Gro.  Later in the day, away we go, stop for Bojangles on the way home and then he goes out and pots the verbena for me.


The pink one is already spreading really well.



Maybe the raspberry will soon catch up.

Oh yes!! he does spoil me.

Share your blessing with us here.


Sunday, May 31st, 2009

People, I am here to tell you:  You are looking at one tired human.


The week has been fun, yet busy.  School all week, then a field trip to the aquarium on Friday, kept one of the grandsons Friday night and until about 9 Saturday night, then got the 2 baby girls, we got to bed about 10 and then up at 7:30 to get ready for SS and church.

I still have to check last Thursday’s school work.

Cass was going out of town today so she has not posted yet but when she does, it will be here.


Saturday, May 30th, 2009

A  36 year old is in the hospital with end stage cirrhosis of the liver.   This is so sad and so unnecessary.   His kidneys are damaged because his liver cannot do its job.  The doctor was so very blunt, but I prefer that over beating around the bush and leaving one to guess the outcome.


Saturday, May 30th, 2009

WOW!  look at all these squash.  We picked these on Thursday, I kept three and took the rest to my MIL.  I cooked mine in some butter with a little onion.  I cooked the onion until almost clear, added the squash and cooked until they started to brown.  Oh, they were ever so good.


Today we gathered 13 about the same size as above. I made my first ever squash pudding. I was suppose to use 2T vanilla flavoring, did not have that, I substituted 1T pineapple flavoring because that is all I had.   I like it, DH does not and neither does Spidey Man.  Next time I will use the correct ingredients or maybe 2T pineapple flavoring or maybe even lemon.

I have so much I need to do but just do not want to do it.


Thursday, May 28th, 2009

I have been thinking that a few rubber stamps may be good to use in checking the work the home schoolers do. Maybe I could order custom rubber stamps, a different ink color for each child. Idea: a stamp that I can flip, one side has a smiley face and a frown is on the other side. I think the children would like having these on their papers rather than just a red check or red X.

The third and fourth grader would probably enjoy colored pencils instead of crayons. That will be food for my thought.

Anyone want to offer their opinion?


Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

and other happenings.  Tonight I prepared the small squash that I picked yesterday and could not even eat all of them. DH does not like squash, he did taste them.

very small---laid them on a regular size napkin

very small—laid them on a regular size napkin

I also had one chicken breast coated with Lowery’s seasoned salt, more tumeric, ground cumin, and Cajun seasoning. My other side dishes were beets served right out of the can, no heating, no vinegar, just as they came, rice with juices from the baked chicken as gravy and maybe 20 pieces of string beans.

This was taken yesterday and is the first gladiola bloom of the season. More opened today.

Does anyone know what is the name of this flower? Mother gave it to me years ago, now I want to know the name.dscf1792

Can you see the blueberries? Maybe I will get enough for a cobbler, only need 2 cups.

Mama bluebird resting before she flies in her box.dscf1790


We also have some tiny birds with a red head.  They are really small.  One day we saw female and male oriole in the bird bath.  Have seen Cardinals just a few times and Doves. Mocking birds and Blue Jays are in abundance.

Can you believe the size of the squash bushes.  The fence behind them is 4 feet high.

I guess I have rambled enough in this post.


Sunday, May 24th, 2009

This is the best of seven.


I must change from church clothes to casual and go to a cousin’s daughter’s wedding shower. That would be a cousin too, right?

I really enjoy this family, children of Aunt Mary.  Aunt Mary was born after Mother.  For many years as I was growing up, she stayed within walking distance.  Aunt Mary made the best biscuits and tea.  Yum! Yummy!


Friday, May 22nd, 2009

I am so glad that I do not have any of those video TV games, play stations or whatever they may be called. I have head people ‘spaz’ on and on about their PS3 games. TV within itself is enough to make the children want to stay inside. They get very little outside exercise if allowed to watch TV whenever they want.  When I was a small child, my parents did not even have a TV and guess what.  I survived!!


Friday, May 22nd, 2009

OH YES!! I do like Edy’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I have cut back on portions at meal time but for the past 3 nights have had ice cream. How do I think I will ever lose weight eating ice cream every night? Maybe it is a passing food binge and will soon pass. If it does not pass, I will have to engage in some strong will power and weightloss pills.

I did burn extra calories today by hanging clothes outside to dry instead of using the dryer.


Friday, May 22nd, 2009

My memory is not as sharp as it use to be years ago. When I check the school work the children do, I have to stop and think about what the answer should be. Sometimes I am so pathetic that one of the older boys may have to explain to me how the youngest one is suppose to do the problems in his workbook.

If I had a notebook computer memory of what I learned in school, I could probably breeze through checking the work they do in no time. I don’t, so I will continue to use the calculator to help me with the math equations. Other subjects, I will just have to learn it all over again.