What a book!  Andy Andrews has written one of the most inspirational books ever.  It is all about perspective and encouragement.  This book is helpful to anyone that will take the few hours to read it and each scenario can be self applied.  I use the word scenario, but this is bo0ok is based on a true story.

Perspective is the main thought and advice of Jones, the Noticer.  He appears out of nowhere in this small town to give advice and help to several of the citizens of Orange Beach, Alabama.  Usually one has to do their own thinking.  Jones only plants the seeds for thought.  This book is about everyday happenings, either to you or someone you know.

I will read this book again!  The book was very interesting and I could apply much of the content to myself.  I highly recommend The Noticer to anyone who may be having problems,  even to those that think they have the world by the tail, or if one just needs a good book to read.

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