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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

I am trying to get the cabinets ready to paint.  Wow! what a job.  DD#2 did tell me that rubbing alcohol would cut grease and boy does it ever.  Only thing, one has to be careful not to remove paint.  It will remove the finish.  The finish does not matter in this case.  After they are painted, I will have to use warm water to clean them and do it on a regular basis and they will not become the mess they were.  As a reminder, I will put it on my Tuesday chore card.

I still have to do the cabinets below the sink and the drawers by the stove.

I tried to take off one of the hinges but could not.  The inside has a wierd shaped screw head and I don’t have that type screwdriver.  Don’t know what I’m gonna do now.  The hardware really needs to be replaced because of the new look.

Oh, I need to get up and get that job finished so that I can prepare supper for DH.  Um Um it’s gonna be good:  smoked p. chops, rice with chop grease in it, peas, and creamed potatoes.  I know that is 3 starches, but that is what he wants and how we eat.