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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

My day was busy and I think successful.  I accomplished all on my to do list except cleaning the fridge and the hall closet.

In addition to the list I also:

  1. wrote checks for payments on 4 medical bills, got them in the mail.
  2. called about rental house insurance
  3. called to have oven door repaired on stove.

Anytime one makes inquiring phone calls, it usually involves a bit of time and I can hardly do anything while on the phone.

Tomorrow the repairman is to come check the stove and a friend is coming over in the AM.  I hope the repairman comes in the AM also.

I will probably gear myself to do the closet tomorrow rather than the fridge.  If I can get the closet organized then I will have more storage space.

The friend is coming to look at my crochet patterns for a cape, so I need to get them together for her.

This post is written like I usually think ramble–ramble—-ramble.


Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Today I received the lab results from the 5 vials of blood that was drawn on the 6th.  I was called with the results and told that my thyroid levels were a little high so decrease my meds.  The paper results leave me wondering, it says the levels are low.

Vitamin D levels have improved, but are still low.

Thankfully, the test checking if there is thyroid cancer anywhere in my body is NEGATIVE.

I will take the paper copy with me for my appointment on February 24 and will ask the results be explained in detail.  Maybe then I will understand them better.

I know all of you readers are very interested in my health, thus be the reason for this post. lol