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BLOG your BLESSING 1-4-09

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

This blessing is one that I am so very thankful to have.

My 9 yo grandson (looks about 7) ran away from home yesterday.  He was coming to my house.  This little fellow has an unreal temper and the older children antagonize him until he just gets so angry.  Unfortunately his anger is all his fault, never mind that he is pushed to his limit, whether it be by aggravation or teasing, note the other children have no fault in his becoming angry. (Sarcasm intended.)

I am so thankful that a very nice lady saw him, realized the danger he was in, picked him up and took him to my house.  I was working.   He told her where I worked, she called me and said that she would keep him with her until I could get to her house.

I am ever so thankful that someone who cared about a child walking by himself, picked him up rather than one of the perverts that live in our area.

DD had gone off with her dad.

The part that really makes me angry is that he told some of his family that he was coming to my house—NO ONE even called to make sure he had arrived safely.   That is not exercising tough love–to me it is saying ‘I don’t care.’

I was very careful not to let him know that I was upset with the entire situation that made him leave his house.  He did know that I was upset with him for doing so.   I did get him to promise me he would never run away again.

The family came over today for lunch and while here the GD that had helped antagonize him made comment if so and such happened, he may run away again and he said ‘no, I promised Grandi I would not run away anymore.’

Hope your yesterday was calmer than mine.  Wishing for all a very good week.


Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Children say the cutest things.  Just what they think sometimes.

DH had told DGS#4 about the many, many fish at Broadway in Myrtle Beach.   DGS said I want to go to MB and I replied I will take you.  DGD#4 said I’ll go put on my shoes.  We then had a discussion about when we would go and who would ride with whom.

I guess you had to be here, because reading about the conversation is not nearly as funny as hearing it.


Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Into a new year it seems as if we should only be about half thru 2009.  Time is flying.  I have heard that happens either when you are having fun or old.  I’m having fun-lol


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