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Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Why did I volunteer to work today??  I really do not want to, but do not like for the pharmacy to be in a squeeze.  Everyone that gets a prescription today will probably bring new insurance cards and sometimes that can be time consuming.  I was asked to help out so that things would run smoothly.  Wow! they must have a lot of confidence in me.  lol

When asked if I would work on Monday’s in the pharmacy and maybe a Saturday or 2 a month, I said Monday’s and the first Saturday of every month.  I have to work tomorrow but it will be busy, too, so it will not be too bad.  I hate to work when it is slow.

Working 10-3 or 10-4 with a 30 minute lunch break is not bad.

Anyway, the extra hours will look good on my check.  Extra hours also means more applied to my credit card debt.  My goal is to have all but one paid off this year.

If you are off today, enjoy.