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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

The maid did ok today considering the distraction of about an hour on the phone. Four calls to be exact

She did this

  1. cleaned kitchen window
  2. pressed and hung new swag @ the kitchen window
  3. stabilized electric cord for light over kitchen sink
  4. washed and dried 1 load of laundry
  5. folded 2 loads of laundry (1 was in the dryer)
  6. watched 5 of the grandchildren about 1 1/2 hours—the 3 boys watched a movie and the 2 baby girls followed her almost every step she took.  If she turned around she almost stepped on one of them.
  7. went to the bank
  8. while out also did a little grocery shopping
  9. rummaged thru chest type freezer for collards
  10. prepared supper
  11. will put black eyed peas in soak
  12. and prepare fresh picnic for barbecuing before she goes to bed.

Yes, she did work fairly well today, so I will keep her a few more days and if she continues to improve, I will let her stay.

Tomorrow she will need to get up and vacumm, put away folded clothes and prepare a meal–then and only then will I consider letting her have the balance of the day off.


Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

As I have previously posted, I am having pain that may or may not be gall bladder related.  I think that I am fairly pain tolerant, but sometimes this pain is real painful, maybe on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be a 6.5.  No, it is not the type pain you get when you mash your finger, but pain anyway.

I know that labor contractions are timed and I wonder if I should use one or more Swatch watches to time the length of the pain spasms, or maybe I should just ‘suck up and deal’.


Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

I wonder if it is my gall bladder that wakes me.  I have several of the symptons, but not all.  I tell you one thing for sure–the pain is real and in the right location.

I was awakened on the 26th about 4:30 in the morning and hurt for about 2 hours.  At times the pain was so bad I was trying to decide if I should call DH to take me to the hospital or just call 911.  I did neither and the pain eventually went away.

This morning I was awakened about 6:30 and the pain lasted until about 12.  Even though I hurt, it was not as bad as the first time.   During the painful times I hurt all the time but at some times the pain is more severe as if I am having something like muscle spasms.

Whatever the problem, I really hope that I can wait until after the first of the year to have it checked.  I will be on DH insurance then and with health costs high as the sky all types of insurances are needed just for an office visit.


Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

I really think that I am going to fire the maid and hire her again for lower wages. With jobs what they are today, she will probably be glad that she still has one.

I tweeted yesterday that she would be here today–wrong.  She left home about 10:30 and did not get back until after 3.  She did take care of some errands but did nothing in the house but prepare supper and it was late.

Maybe tomorrow will be a more productive day. Maybe she will even get the vacumm out and use it and maybe fold some clothes and do more laundry.  She does have to go to the store for some black-eyed peas.  We are having part of the family over and do not have enough for all of them.


Monday, December 29th, 2008

I just found out that I apparently do not write very advanced.  I do not even write on a middle school level, but that is ok.  Why is it ok?  Because I write for me and then anyone else who wishes to read my blog.

I am a simple person, or believe myself to be, so I write simple.

How about the reading level of your blog??  Visit here to find your answer.

blog readability test


Sunday, December 28th, 2008

The last one for this year and I do not see any improvement.

If you have not noticed before, check out the size difference in my left eye compared to my right eye.  The difference is usually not as noticeable.  A trait I am proud to have inherited from my dad.  Got the big nose from him, too.

DH and I were looking at pics years ago and I asked him “Do I really look like that” and he replied “pics don’t lie”. Oh well, so is life-woe is me, rather woe to those that see me.

Snap your pic and leave a link here, and we will visit you.

BLOG your BLESSING 12-28-08

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Wow! Almost another year has past.  I have had so many blessings this year–some I have told you about and others I have not, because they were not to be discussed before the world.

I was hoping to tell you that DGS#1 had visited today, but due to mechanical problems, he could not come.  He did call to let us know that he would not be able to come and said that as soon as he got his vehicle repaired he would see us.

I had a most enjoyable family gathering yesterday with my daughters and their families.  Only DGS#1 and DGD#1 were missing.

It was so nice having almost everyone here.  The meal was prepared with time to spare.  Usually I am at my wits end when they get here because this or that has gone wrong.  Yesterday everything just fell into place at the right time.

I hope to share many more family gatherings with them as family is or should be the biggest or most important blessing that we have on this earth.


Sunday, December 28th, 2008

A little note for those coming over to read “blog your blessing”.  I will post it later today, possibly as late as 9pm EST.


Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Wow! great fellowship, good food, and a nice time had by all.

The food turned out really delicious.  We cooked about twice as much as was needed, but it all was so very good and no one asked for dessert.  After an informal meal and seconds for those that wanted them, we covered the food and went for what the children really wanted.

Presents for everyone!!  I think that everyone was very pleased with the gifts they received.  At least, I did not hear any complaints.  DD#2 even called after she got home to thank us again for her gifts.

The best gift that DH and I received was——DGS#2 came today and stayed several hours.  We had only seen him for minutes, very few minutes, the last several years.  It was so very good to have him with us again.  I hope that our schedules now will allow us more time together.

There were 2 drawbacks for enjoyment today, DGS#1 could not come today because of work but is planning to come tomorrow.  I will be glad to see him again.  I saw him in the summer but we didn’t have time to just relax and visit.  DGD#1 is in Colorado, no idea when we will see her again.

Tomorrow will be our last Christmas celebration this year.  My brother, myself and the extended family (DD#1, nieces and nephews) will celebrate Christmas together on January 10.

So all was good and I look forward to next year.  I do hope that I am more organized than I was for the 2008 Christmas with family.


Saturday, December 27th, 2008

DH and I both are in the kitchen this morning.  The old saying ‘no kitchen is big enough for 2 cooks’ is about right.  We will just go along stepping aside when the other needs to check on the pot of food they are cooking.  I was afraid that I would run behind preparing my foods, but it seems the opposite is true.  We all like warm potato salad and at 9:30 my potatoes and eggs are already done.  I’ll just leave them on the stove and wait until about 11:30 to mix it.

The ham hocks DH is preparing are already done, so now he is cooking the beans and they should be ready about 10:45.  I am sure glad that he could give up a big burner.  I had put a picnic shoulder in the 6 quart crock pot and the other one in the oven.  The one that I put in the oven I took out and put on the burner he was using for the ham hocks.

We have no idea how much food to prepare—never cooked the entire meal for 17 people before.   We have been told that some of them will not eat very much.  I had much rather have too much food than not enough.  I do hope no one is expecting dessert,  I have none.

Gotta run to Hardee’s for tea.  I only have a 2 quart pitcher—definitely not enough.

Will make another post telling you if the meal and gift opening was successful.