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Sunday, November 30th, 2008

After several shots, finally one that is half way acceptable.  I have no idea why the yellow tint unless it is the lighting, but when using that light I do not see things with a yellow cast.

Not very good at centering either.

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Friday, November 28th, 2008

One of my grandchildren is definitely left handed.  3 of them can do quite well with the left hand but it is not the dominant one.  Tonite while we were eating supper, the 7yo, the 4yo and 2yo kept switching their forks from one hand to the other.  Finally the 7yo realized that he could really do better with his right hand, the 2yo is not a sure bet yet, the 4yo can feed herself better with her right hand, however some things may be done better with the left.  She had her fork in her left hand and I told her to use her other hand.  She did not understand or hear all of what I said.  She laid her fork down, looked at me and said “Do I really have to use my hands” as they were poised to get food with them.  As I laughed I told her “no, do not use your hands, put your fork in the other hand”

The 2yo (will be 3 in February) thinks if she closes her eyes or covers her face, you cannot see her.  This child will clam up and not answer a question.  Really bothers me.

The 7yo is just funny in a serious way.  He can be dead serious and grin at me and I just start laughing.  DH and I spoiled the 9yo (will be in December) when he was only a toddler.  Yet, when we speak to him, he obeys us.  I really feel sorry for him because he is the middle boy and it is like being the middle child and come to think of it, he is that too.  At least of the siblings still at home.  This young man is very quick to open a door for his mom and myself.   The 10yo is very quiet here.  He has the best manners—–thank you, yes sir, no mam, etc.

Except for changing diapers I have enjoyed them.

Yes, it has been more work, but they do make the cook feel good when it is time to eat.  No one picked at their food and ate what was served with no complaints.  I did have to tell one of them  “I know where you got it from but it really does not sound very good for you to say ‘dig in’ or ‘chow down’  after someone says the blessing”.  He meekly said “yes mam”.

I have only made one necklace since Wednesday, it is already sold.  Yay!    I need to make the others that have been ordered.


Friday, November 28th, 2008

DGS#4 asked me last night if I had any play dough.  Of course, I did not.  He suggest that we make some.  We look on the web, find the recipe and today we tried to make it.  I think possibly that something was left our of the recipe.  It was not a complete failure but it was a far cry from success.  They all had fun and I guess that is what counts.

I copied 3 other recipes, I know I want to try 2 of them with the children when I get all of the ingredients.

Amazing they all wanted to help with the measuring and such but I told them it was ——- idea and he was the one that could help and they were all content with that decision.  I guess they just wanted to play with the dough.


Thursday, November 27th, 2008

We are not having the traditional Thanksgiving meal or meals at our house.  We usually go over to the MIL’s and have traditional lunch with the other family members.  This year DH wanted to stay home, so that is what we are doing.

We have the 5 youngest grandchildren, ranging in age from will be 3 in February to was 10 in May.  (Mom and the 2 older girls have gone to Charlotte for regional cheer competition)  For breakfast they had scrambled eggs and then cereal, lunch is bacon cheeseburger hamburger helper.  The boys are having peach fruit cups and the girls fruit cocktail for dessert.  Supper will be steak cooked on the grill by DH.

I cut the three boys hair this morning and also trimmed the girls bangs.  Hopefully now that I am practically retired, the boys will no longer need a haircut so bad that they look like thay have been thrown away.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Good Company and Good Food and overall Good Health.  That cannot be beat for having a great time with family.  It was really good to see my brother.

One of the nephews really makes me feel good about my dishes.  He said that I could fry some really good chicken and asked to take home some of the watergate salad.  I fried 5 pounds of chicken wings to go with the turkey and ham that my brother and his wife prepared and NO chicken was left.  Fifteen ate, but I do not know if everyone ate chicken.  I will fry 10 pounds when we gather for Christmas.

My 15yo GD told me she asked her mom if I was frying chicken and one of her friends heard the conversation and made a comment about how happy GD was to learn that I would be.  She said she told her friend, “My grandmother fries the best chicken in the world”.  I would not go that far, but it was good to me and apparently to others that ate it.

In my opinion, what can be better than fried chicken, rice and chicken gravy.  Monday night I ate leftover gravy and rice.  It was still good!

Have lots I want to get done today so I need to get up and get started.


Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Usually if I am hot, my husband is cold and if he is hot, I am cold.  I always try to have the house at a comfortable temperature when he comes in from work.  I do panic when the air conditioner hums in a weird way and hesitates to come on.  Our unit is very old-in fact is has cooled us for 28 years.  We have had to have minor repairs done to it in the past 8 or 10 years but never have we had to replace the air conditioning compressor.   If that should need to be done, because of the life span of this unit, we would just replace it and probably save money by doing so.


Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

This is usually a decision that takes some thought and financial planning.  Credit card decisions can be good for some individuals but for others can be the beginning of the end of serious debt.  Ask me how I know.  I have learned that plastic money is not the best way to make purchases.

In our present economy, I strongly urge anyone to make sound decisions before using that credit card for any type of shopping and especially Christmas shopping.  Learning the hard way is expensive in more ways than one—one can not purchase with cash items that are on sale, go out to eat, or enjoy a movie. One is forced into a very tight budget!  WHY??? Because the money you would use for this has to be applied to your monthly credit card payment.  If you do not make your payment and make it on time, one’s credit rating is lowered and possibly a higher interest rate is enforced.

Visit credit card blog for more information.

My advice is: If you do not have a credit card, do not get one. If you have one, DO NOT use it except for true emergencies.  Also, if you have a credit card with a balance, pay more than the monthly payment and pay it off as soon as possible.


Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

What is one of your most favorite things to wear that is ever so comfortable? I really like to lounge around the house in a T-shirt that is one size too big. If my T-shirts fits properly, I will wear them shopping or visiting. There are some implying (my opinion), weird and funny imprints on T-shirts that I have seen when I am out and about.

If you shop online, funny t shirts has a wide selection of all types of imprints. The imprint pictured below describes me perfectly.

This is probably due to my lack of organizational skills.  When doing housework, I will be working in one room, go to another for whatever reason and start cleani

CRAFT CLUB 11-21-08

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Since my last post on 11-07-08, I have been a very busy beader.  I have made a total of 26 pieces.  Also, I have custom orders to make 4 necklaces.  I am going by an optometrist office Monday morning with some of the lanyards I have made and want to get more made before I go.
Some of the lanyards are custom orders                   

I still crochet–below is a hat that DD#2 asked me to make for her.  I have been working on it off and on about a month.  As you can see, it has been mostly off.  I should have it finished soon.

I know that some of you are crafty because I read about what some of you have done. Share your craftiness with us here.


Friday, November 21st, 2008

Yes, I was so looking forward to not having to get up and go to work several days a week.  The HR manager asked me on my last scheduled day if I would work in the pharmacy on Mondays for a while.  I told her that would be doable.  She then asked me about maybe working one Saturday a month.  I told her I did not want to work on Saturday and December would be hard as I already had plans for the 6th and 13th (craft shows) and was not sure  about the plans for our Christmas.  I may tell her that beginning in January, I can work the one Saturday.  I don’t know how long she will need me, but as long as is necessary is ok with me.

I like working in the pharmacy and the hours are great  10-4, or even less if the pharmacist doesn’t need me.  I do like those hours.  I will still have Tuesday thru Sunday to bead, clean house, play with the grandchildren, attend craft shows, visit friends, or whatever else I may want to do including preparing my DH supper and having it ready when he comes in from work.

I have already signed up for social security, will receive my first “rocking chair” money in March.  The few hours that I will be working will not put me over the limit of what I can make.  Therefore, I do not have to worry about making so much money that I will have to pay back some of the social security that I get.

Life is good!