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Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

I wanted to go into town tonight for supper but DH did not.  I am so glad that he wanted to eat in.  I cannot believe the road patterns around here.  Anyway, the driver looses control of the flat bed truck he is driving and it overturns on the on ramp to US421.  Lumber is every where.  Not only is the ramp blocked, but 74-76 going into town is blocked, 421 out of town traffic is blocked, 74-76 going out of town is blocked and the news said several streets in town were also blocked.  I know this would include Dawson (goes into town) and Wooster (leaves town).  Folks this is for several hours.

Now with only two ways into town and both of those blocked, what happens if there is a medical emergency on my side of the river.  Would patient be transported to the hospital 30 miles away or depending on the emergency to the one 50 miles away.  Hope that never happens.

The brains behind this road construction several years ago apparently were not thinking.  Traffic is always slow moving from 7-9 in the am and 4:30 to 6 in the pm.


Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Since my last post about beading, I have tagged most of the items that I have for sale.  Designed 4 and strung 3 necklaces.

Even if I say so myself, those are some pretty necklaces.  I hope the people going to the craft show think the same and just can’t go home without them.  I have decided that in the future, I will use a better bead product thus improving the look of what I make which will increase its value.

I also took DH to the outpatient department for his cataract surgery, back to the doctor today for post op check.

DD#2 has asked that I crochet her a hat.  Smart me, I took the started hat to the hospital so that I could crochet on it while waiting and left the pattern at home.  Not much done on it, just finished the round I was working.

Time to get up and start supper—-ummm—-what will it be??????  Salmon with eggs over rice sounds pretty good to me.