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BLOG your BLESSING 10-12-08

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

As I have stated before, I have blessings everyday.  Today, however was a very special blessing.

I have not heard DD#1 sing a solo in public in about 25 years.  Tonight I went to her church for what the Senior Adults called a talent show.  She sang “The Lord’s Prayer” acapella.  Several others sang, but they did not swell my heart as she did.  She definitely did not get her talent from my genes.

Let me say here that I have never liked to hear that prayer as a song.  When she sang it for me Thursday, she changed my mind!!  I could not believe the range that could be used to sing “The Lord’s Prayer”.  I could go on and on about how pretty I thought it was but may sound like a very prejudiced Mom.  I am very proud that she is using the talent God gave her to sing praises to him.  Many of the folks there told me how much they enjoyed her singing.  Even the pastor said “I knew she could sing but had no idea she could sing like that”.

Oh yes!  Indeed, that was my biggest blessing today.

DD#2 can also sing.  MIL has asked her to sing “Beulah Land” at her funeral.

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