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CRAFT CLUB 8-29-08

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

I am aware this post is a day late, but I worked about 36 hours this week and I was too tired last night to even make a post. Hopefully a day late will be ok.

I mentioned in the previous post that the ‘beading bug’ may have bitten. Well I have proof of that bite.


I am planning to soon make a red, black, and clear beaded necklace. There is a descriptive name for the clear, but I cannot think of it now. This bead picks up the colors around it. Also, in the future is a blue and pearl necklace.

I would like to bead to sell and maybe participate in the Christmas Crafts that our community sponsors and next year in the Combined community activities that are held in September.

But after making a few pieces, may decide this is not my cup of tea.

I know that some of you out there in the web world make beautiful things with your hands or even good things to eat. Join us over at and share your talent with us.

I have not even done a whole row on my crochet project.


Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

OH ME!, my body aches, I feel so tired, tho I am not in pain as I claim pain, my muscles feel sore when I move. If I had several lots of commercial real estate that contracts for sale had been closed, I would probably feel better. I could take the money from the sale, retire early, do when my body felt like doing, crochet when I needed to rest my legs or even do some beading. “Beading”? you say. Oh Yes, I think the ‘beading bug’ has bitten.


Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

The size of my sinks is fine until I try to wash vegetables or clean fish. When I do these chores, I need commercial size sinks that are really deep but installed at a level that is convenient for me. My normal sinks will do, but the ones mentioned above would work really nice for the stated chores. Bar sinks would never be large enough to do the job, at least the ones that I have seen are much too small.


Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I took picture after picture and finally one that did not look exactly like me or one that may not frighten you. This is pic 18 of 18.

Visit and join in the ‘sights to behold’ at this place.

BLOG your BLESSING 08-24-08

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I will attempt to get up to date on my BYB postings.

July 20—My Sunday School class went on a field trip. The purpose of the field trip was to attend services at a camp site at Surf City. A very dear friend of mine (my adopted dad) holds a service there each Sunday that he is camping during the summer months. I attended church with he and his family for many years and still attend with his three daughters (my sisters). Many a Sunday when we were without a pastor, Pa would teach our SS lesson and then deliver our morning sermon. I feel that I was really blessed to hear God speak once again thru this now 80 year old man. After the service and clean-up (chairs put away and such) several in attendance for that service went to lunch together.

JULY 27—Today was DD’s birthday. Forty-one years ago, God blessed me with a very healthy baby. For most of her life, she has brought to me pleasure. The times when there was worry and frustration has been out numbered many times over by the happiness she brings to my life. I had planned to surprise her by showing up at her church for the worship service, but had to work instead. I did go spend some time with her when I got off work.

Aug. 3—-I have been blessed to find peas for the freezer and the yield has been very good. God has blessed my diligence in my search for vegetables hoping to offset the increase of food prices that we are facing this year and in all probability next year. The percentage of the cost of living is increasing faster than our employers are giving us pay increases.

Aug 10—Butter Beans!!! Finally. I found butter beans unshelled in Rose Hill (about 50 miles away). True, that is quite a distance to drive, but I made it worthwhile by buying 4 bushels, 1 for my MIL and 3 for us.

Aug 17—Today is my MIL’s birthday. I missed her dinner because I was working. DH and I went over after I got home and enjoyed a visit with her. I need to go see her more often than I do, but it seems that I am always busy. She is a blessing that some folks never have the opportunity to experience.

Also this past week I went back to the dermatologist to have more tissue removed from where a suspicious mole had been and received a phone call that this tissue was clear of any cells that may later become melanoma.

Aug 24—More butter beans-this time they were colored or speckled. Again I purchased 4 1/2 bushels. 1/2 bushel of shelled green for DD and also almost 1/2 bushel of squash for her. DD never hesitates to stop what she is doing and help me shell the produce. My MIL got a bushel of speckled, unshelled and I got 3 bushels. They had quite a few large, just a little older than I would have preferred, but the yield was again unreal–39 pints and 1+ cups.

I hope each of you have a blessed filled week. Join us over at Blue Panther’s for the blog roll of others who tell you about their weekly blessings.


Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

There are so many different types of cancer and they each affect the body in as many different ways. I have had thyroid cancer contained within a goiter, benign breast biopsy, and a suspicious mole and surrounding tissue removed from my leg. I have watched my dad and a brother suffer from lung cancer. I have never, to my knowledge, know anyone with mesothelioma. I know someone that was mis-diagnosed and was greatly relieved when he was told he was perfectly healthy.


Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Yesterday when I got home from work, about 6pm, DH had our steaks almost prepared. Yum, Yum, it was very delicious. That was not the surprise.

After I finished eating, I got the pan I would need to finish shelling the peck of butter beans that needed to be done. NO BEANS–I asked DH about them and he said I had told him to throw out all the bean stuff. I said “Please tell me that you did not throw away the rest of the beans”. I could tell from the sparkle in his eyes that he had not thrown them away but I could not find them anywhere that I looked. About an hour later, I again asked about the beans and he replied they were on the freezer. I had looked on the freezer before and they were not there.  Sure enough, the pan of shelled beans was on the freezer. That was a very nice surprise — he had shelled the remaining beans for me. He must have a refrigerated self storage unit hidden somewhere as the beans felt chilled and they had not been in the fridge because in my search for them, I had looked there. He is the BEST!

CRAFT CLUB 8-22-08

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

I have done a small amount of stitching since I last showed Prissy’s afghan. I still have many, many stitches to make.


Again this week, butter beans were a big part of my crafting time.

Please share your craftiness with us here.


Monday, August 18th, 2008

I was never faced with treating acne for myself, my siblings, or my daughters. I had friends that really had big problems with acne, almost always having a break-out. You can bet if a special occasion were about to happen, special game, school dance or a long awaited date, they would surely have a big outbreak. I never heard any of them mention using any special acne cream. Even as adults, some will still experience ocassional acne breakouts, so it is just not a teen problem.   Some think it is heredity or hormonal problem.


Monday, August 18th, 2008

My DD and some of her children think that I do not like to cook. This is how they perceive me as they watch me cook, always in a hurry to meet a time dead line. I like to cook for my family and extended family occasions, that require ‘bring a dish’, but can never seem to get the time I should start frying the chicken(always my specialty) right so that I will not be rushed in the end. Because of this, they see me red faced and looking angry when in reality, I am just disappointed in myself that I am rushed and usually the last to arrive for the occasion. Maybe if I used certain promotional items while cooking they would see me as a person that does enjoy cooking, because I really do.

My mother did not teach me to cook. My grandpa taught me quite a bit when I was only a child of about 10, but after he passed away, my lessons ended and so did the little cooking that I did. My Aunt Mary told me about 30 years ago how to fry good fish. A beautician told me how to make biscuits that would be flaky, not hard and tough. A high school classmate told me how to cook rice so that the grains would separate. You might could say that I am a self taught cook by the trial and error method.

I do like to cook if I have the meal planned and have ample time to cook it, rather than rushing to get it done. I do not like to cook in a hustle and bustle environment. If other things are going on, I want to be a part of that – not in the kitchen.

Yes, I do like to cook but do not care for trying new recipes, the old standards are tasty and just fine.