I have not posted about all the peas.  Just by driving around looking for a particular roadside stand, I found PEAS at another stand.  DD and I have shelled 4 bushels of peas.  We have eaten fresh peas and has her family.  I have frozen 41 pints and probably have about 10 or 12 pints ready to bag and freeze.  Those of you familiar with the different varieties, these are the Dixie Lee.  I am off Tuesday and am still searching for butter beans but will get more peas if I can’t find the beans.

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  1. CyberCelt says:

    Mmmmm. Fresh peas. What do you do with all the frozen items you make:

  2. grandi13 says:

    I use them in meal preparation the same as I would buying canned or frozen from the grocery store. Those prepared at home just taste better to me.

  3. DonnaDear says:

    I came across your website when looking for
    instructions on freezing dixie lee peas.
    Please help. I also would like to know the best way
    to cook them.


  4. grandi13 says:

    Thanks for the visit, DonnaBear. Others may have a different way, but this is the way I was taught. After peas are washed and culled, I put them in a large pot of boiling water, when water begins boiling again, I cook for 8-10 minutes, drain in a colander and then dump them in a pan of ice and water to cool them down quickly. I use a wooden spoon (not mandatory) to stir them in the boiling water and ice water. Drain well, put in freezer bags, squeezing out all the air, seal and freeze.

    I cook them by placing frozen peas in enough water to cover well, maybe 2 inches above peas, salt to taste, season with bacon drippings, chicken fat, or other seasonings that I may have on hand, bring to a boil, cut down to a very slow boil and cook about 25 minutes or until snaps are tender, sometimes I cover them and other times I do not. Must check water level occasionally, As the peas cook, it is natural and desired that the water level drop some.

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