I still have not been able to find any butter beans that I feel we can afford. Thirty-two dollars per bushel is quite pricey. I do not wear much jewelry and do not even own a gold chain, but if I did, I might consider trading it for about 5 bushels of beans. Mother had a nice chain necklace, does anyone in the blogsphere want to trade me butter beans for the chain?

2 Responses to “BEANS or CHAIN”

  1. Lillium says:

    I’ll take the gold chain – lol! I wanted you to know I thought of you yesterday. I had just bought a new roll of plastic wrap and remembered your email about the ends. I’ve got to tell you – I can’t believe I’ve gone all these years and never noticed those little bend in things at the end of the package! They work great btw – big grin.

  2. grandi13 says:

    Lillium, the gold chain may last longer, but the beans would be ever so tasty.
    Glad you found the email to be beneficial.

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