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The yellowish tint is from a light that had not completely heated.

8 Responses to “SELF PORTRAIT SUNDAY 7-13-08”

  1. Ami-chan says:

    That’s a really cool effect. I always get flashbacks when I try things like that.

  2. grandi13 says:

    Thanks, Ami-chan, try an angle instead of direct. I do not think the camera flashed in the mirror but against the wall. It appears that DD did a direct shot and hers turned out. She may have disabled her flash.

  3. Flo says:

    That is a great effect. I wish I could do things like that.

  4. grandi13 says:

    I thought of trying this on the way home from church. Just try it, Flo. Thanks.

  5. skeet says:

    I got flash off of my glasses this week, but went with it anyway because … well … just because I’m lazy, I guess, lol! Nice pic, and now I want to see that photo wall behind you!

  6. grandi13 says:

    Skeet, I know what you mean. I probably spent at least 45 minutes trying to get a shot that I was not totally embarrassed to post. I will do that if I can get the shot of all the pics to turn out okay

  7. Jennifer says:

    A mirror, and glasses and no flash, I’m impressed! I know what you mean about spending a long time trying to get non-embarrassing pictures to post… Most weeks I end up with a good stack of pictures to sort through in order to find the lesser of the evils :)

  8. grandi13 says:

    Jennifer, sometimes I just get so tired of taking pic after pic and when I finally do get one that is not blurry, I look as if I could scare the devil himself.

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