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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

I have finally finished taking care of all the blueberries that I got Monday. I did not keep a very good count on the number of pints—I think about 30. These berries were not as nice as the first ones that I got from this place.

Today I bought 14 ears of peaches and cream corn. I have it shucked and silked and in the fridge to be washed and prepared for eating or freezing. It does not even run a fifth place race with what we got Sunday. Like I said in that post, irrigation makes a big difference. I think DH and I decided to drive the distance and get the rest of the corn we freeze from Holden Bros. It is worth the drive for the quality and the quantity yield even if gas is $4 a gallon. Since I will be going on vacation starting on the 14th, we may ride down Sunday before and get 2 or 3 bushels, and that will be enough for this year.

Now, I have to clean the kitchen from supper and my freezing adventure this afternoon. I am sure that when I get that done it will be lights out for me!!