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Thursday, April 17th, 2008

I had big plans today for doing a lot of house work, but as usual my plans were greater than my accomplishments. I work very slow and get sidetracked a lot. Had I not made a list, I probably would have not gotten as much done as I did.

  • laundry
  • clean desk
  • pay bills and update ledger sheets
  • cook: stew beef
  •          dry beans
  •          pork ribs
  • vacuum
  • separate quarters
  • tidy kitchen
  • change bed linens

I accomplished doing 4 loads of laundry and this means taking care of it by hanging, folding, and putting away except for 3 pieces.

I only cleaned a very small portion of my desk. While doing this I found $34.75 that belonged to Mother. I have no idea what is was for nor why it was still on my desk. I am thinking that it was possibly a profit check from her phone company. Will need to split that with my brother.

As I have mentioned before I keep all of my medical and charge card bills on ledger sheets showing amount due, when due and when paid, amount paid and current balance after payment. This is time consuming but at a glance I can tell exactly what has happened in the past and my current balance. All of April bills have been paid except 3 and I am waiting on those statements.

I prepared enough stew beef for 3 meals except adding the potatoes and maybe carrots and it is in the freezer. Also in the freezer is a meal of pork ribs. The lima beans we had for supper along with rice, fresh hot pork sausage and ham hocks.

Did not vacuum.

Did not separate state quarters. I was saving $20 dollars of each state to divide among the 10 grandchildren. I decided that $10 would be enough ($1.00 each) and I could use the rest towards credit card debt payoff. I have from those issued in 2003 and after to separate and determine how many more if any I need in each state for the grandchildren.

I did the kitchen and supper mess is cleaned up as well.

I changed the bed linens in that I washed them and put them back on the bed.

Side tracked: tidied the living room.

I probably stopped for no more than an hour from about 8:30 this morning until DH came in from work about 5:45. I am really tired and now I must do some personal clean-up and shampoo my hair.

Til Next Time