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Friday, April 4th, 2008

What I did as a craft this week is certainly not what I had said I would do. Finishing the caplet is gonna take some real thinking time that I do not have right now, maybe soon.

I had hoped to complete the project this week that I started last Sunday. Just how long does it take to make a granny square about 18 inches? Apparently it takes me quite a while, of course some nights I did not even work on it. I have about 5-6 inches to do and it will be finished. I know that I will run of the yarn in the skeins that I am using. Hopefully I can find enough scrap pieces of the same color to finish. This is the yarn that I had given DD and then decided that I wanted to use it. That is ok, because she is making a scrap yarn blanket and will not be angry because I took it back.


What has your project been this week? We would love to see it!!!. Venture on over to to cassknits, follow the instructions there and let us enjoy your craftiness.