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Sunday, February 10th, 2008

I still have not finished going thru and emptying Mother’s house. I went Friday and Saturday. Saturday, I did take some things out other than trash. I brought back to my daughter things she had given Mother and Daddy and the things that she wanted that no one else mentioned. It is kinda strange that of the 4 grandchildren that wanted items, only one item was wanted by 3 of them.

I took to the oldest maternal niece a picture of Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. She knew she was getting the Grandmother pictures but had no idea she would be getting one of Mother’s pictures. She was quite surprised and pleased. I also gave her the picture of our granddaddy.

My nephew came Friday and got things that were on his list. He was really glad to get Daddy’s shotgun. He said that he did not want it to hunt with now, but wanted it for the times that he had hunted with it.

Everyone got their own pictures and pictures they had given Mother of their families. I found some more pictures of my niece and will probably find more as I go thru the many boxes of pictures that Mother had. I will have to get with my niece and see what pictures of her dad she would like copies. It is my plan to give each extended family their pictures or at least to one of the siblings of each family.

I will have to have a copy of my paternal granddaddy’s pic made so that one of the cousin’s can also have a copy of it.

Mother was the oldest living on the maternal and paternal sides of the family. She knew the history of Daddy’s family as well if not better than her own, so all of that is gone now for all of us. She was a walking genealogy book, knowing how each family of cousins for generations back fit into our family. A lot is recorded in the old family Bible, but some of it is difficult to read and decide who went with what family or maybe I just have a hard time following genealogy.

Example of the above: My maternal first cousin got pics of Mother and the Grandmothers. Her husband is a paternal distant cousin, but neither he nor I know the history of how we are cousins.

I boxed up a set of glasses and have plans to box other stuff when I go again, so that I can soon have an estate sale and get that place rented. The longer I wait the greater the risk of someone breaking in and I am in fact losing money by the house being vacant.

I cannot prove it but I think a neighbor boy was maybe at the barn when I arrived Saturday. I saw him walking away down by the ditch and saw boot prints under the barn but he was too far away when I saw him to actually say he came from the barn.

Is this a rambling post or what?!? I was only going to discuss emptying the house but one comment led to another and so the story goes.

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Sunday, February 10th, 2008

It is 65 degrees as I type this post. A couple of days last week we had the air conditioner on and a couple of days we had the heat on and some days we needed neither. That is ok, I am just thankful that the great change in temperatures did not spawn any bad weather for us.

I have noticed the ditches and branches on the way to my mom’s house and it is great to see water in them. For such a very long period of time, even with some rain, they would very shortly be dry. I have heard that our water level is rising but am not sure how much.

Monday and Tuesday mornings were very foggy but it had cleared before I had to go to work.  I am very nervous driving in the fog.  I am always afraid I will not see someone or they will not see me.

So you see, I am claiming the nice weather we have had the past week as my blessing.

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Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Hope this does not scare you nice folks! No, I am not mad, I am not photogenic and neither do I often take my own pic.


Let us see you!! Just take your own pic, post it on your blog, leave a comment here in her self portrait comment area and we will check it out.