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BLOG your BLESSING 2-3-08

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

I have so many blessings that I often find it hard to blog about just one. This week I am choosing to blog about a difficult task that my DD is helping me with.

It is now time to really finalize Mother’s death by going thru her house and getting rid of everything in it, one way or another. Everyone has either gone thru and gotten some items or else have told me what they would like to have. My blessing is that my older DD went with me yesterday and helped pack up stuff we wanted or items that I needed to go thru one by one, to see if they had any value,(old papers, letters, etc.). We also set aside some stuff that I am going to try to sell. We also had about 5 large bags of trash! We thought it was trash, I am sure Mother did not or it would not have been in the house.

One thing that really surprised us both was a box marked fragile with DD’s name on it. I had seen her name last week and put it with her things. This week, I did not see her name and neither did she! When she opened the box, lying on top of several clear glass bowls (packed carefully) was a note telling where Mother had gotten the bowls and signed “love, Grandmother”. My daughter was taken aback and became emotionally upset and made the comment, ‘Grandmother is sending me notes from the grave’.

I guess that as long as we can remember, there will be times we will see or hear something that will make us think that it is a message from her knowing full well that it can not be, but the memory of her will be so strong.

Hope everyone has a blessed day and week.