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Monday, December 31st, 2007

Have you ever heard of the Car Angel company?? Neither have I until recently. They are a non-profit company that makes videos for kids and teens. Well, if they are non-profit, how can they do such a good deed you may be wondering. Very simple, you have a car that you no longer need and you donate car to this company, they sell it and use the money for the sole purpose of making kid and teen friendly videos. So remember, next time before you call the junk dealer to come get your car, call Car Angel.  They will come get your car free of charge and use it for a very good cause.  To date they have given away more than 2.4 million videos.

Copy and Paste this link to view one of the videos:


Monday, December 31st, 2007

Remember back in the days of high school when we had to write those term papers?  Sometimes it was a little difficult to make sure we had the correct title and if we used subtitling,  be doubly sure that it was in relation to the title and not something out of left field.  I remember so clearly that Mrs. C required that we make note cards, then do an outline, then a rough draft and after she checked each of these as we did them, finally we could write our term paper.


Sunday, December 30th, 2007

We had our second family Christmas gathering today.  This would be the one that we celebrate with our daughters and their families. After a lunch of big dry limas, rice, sausage, homemade pork BBQ, canned baked beans and bought cole slaw, we proceeded to open presents.  The grandchildren seemed pleased with their gifts and so did the adult children.

Our tree looks so bare now.  I guess maybe tomorrow or the day after DH will pick it up and take it back to one of the extra bedrooms storage rooms, still decorated so that it will be ready for next year.

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Friday, December 28th, 2007

dscf0504.JPG This is a baby blanket that I have been working on forever. Remember way back when I had problems deciding on a pattern? The last part of October!! This is the one I finally chose and am not completely happy with it. The baby is due on the 30th and the blanket is only 13 1/2 inches long. Like I said, maybe before he starts college.

The pattern is simple: a row of doubles, 6 rows of 3 doubles in one stitch, skipping 2 stitches and repeat the 3 in 1, a row of doubles, then 3 rows of v-stitch skipping 2 stitches between each, and a row of doubles. Making stitches in front or back loops so that all ridges are on the same side.

Would you like to show your craft??? Click on the graft ( link) above and find all the information needed. Join the fun.


Friday, December 28th, 2007

I went back to work on Monday and lots of fellow employees gave me hugs and asked how I was doing. I felt that they genuinely cared. I may have mentioned before that the HR manager and one of the ladies from jewelry department attended the visitation for Mother. The flowers were beautiful that were sent by them. They also took up a donation for me to help ease the $$ strain of missing a week of work.

I think everything is back to normal or as normal as it is ever going to be and running as smooth as if on ice.

I have been real puny since the 19th, even went to the doctor. I still do not feel well, but have so much to do that I can’t stop. We are having my children and their families here for our “immediate family” Christmas on Sunday and all of the presents are not wrapped and I have to work tomorrow.

We always do Christmas with the in-laws on Christmas Eve, that is not a problem that I see. Our family always does Christmas the Sunday after and my extended family-brother, nephews, neice and their children, have Christmas the first Saturday after the first Sunday in January. Yes, that’s right, about 2 weeks of Christmas celebration, when the true meaning of Christmas should be celebrated all year.

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

I do not have any condos for sale, never have. I do have a time share for sale, but have had no bids on it. I guess they are just not as popular as they use to be or if a person really wants one, they already have it. Story of my life “A day late and a dollar short” or maybe it should be “Leaping before thinking”. DH and I have never used the time share. That’s okay, I can include it in my will.


Monday, December 24th, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my friends in the world wide web! Some of you I have known either all of my life or all of your life, some I have recently met and some I will probably never meet. May your Christmas be happy and your coming year cheerful.

Til Next Time


Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

I really need a set pattern, a type of rhythm, more “it’s gotta be done so just do it” attitude. I have wrapped some of the gifts but my my have many more to do. I know why people would use a hoodia patch, but do you suppose it may help me get those gifts wrapped? You say ‘NO’. I didn’t think so either but at this point it is worth a try. I sure am glad my children will not be here for Christmas until Dec. 30th. I need all the extra time I can get.


Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

I have seen lots of dust in my life but never gold dust. If I were to see gold dust, the selfish person I am would want large solid pieces of pure gold, not just the dust. If I wanted to buy gold, MDC would be the company for me to deal with. Monex Deposit Company has coins, other precious metals, silver and gold that can be immediately delivered or safely stored at any independent bank or depository. MDC has been the precious metals investment leader for more than thirty years. This tells me they are a dependable reputable business worthy of my patronage.

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Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

This is another post about my mother and a reflection on the life she lived, but mostly how God supplied me with the strength to do what needed to be done. The minister who led her services was her pastor for about 12 years back in middle 80′s thru the middle 90′s. He knew Mother when she was active in church, when she was living a life that portrayed her steady faith and undying love for her Lord. He watched her care for my dying dad for 5 years with never a complaint. He described my mother as she was, giving her the tribute she deserved. Mother had written down scripture verses that she wanted read at her funeral, songs she wanted sung and by whom. On Saturday before Mother died the following Saturday, I emailed this information to him.

My brother and I changed very little of what she had requested. Some of the pallbearers had to be replaced because they had died, and we chose to have honorary pallbearers, so that all first generation surviving nephews could be a part of her final physical earthly journey. In conversation whilst she lived with me, she said she really wanted ‘Amazing Grace’ sung but that was sung at my dad’s funeral. I discussed this with my brother and my husband and we decided if that was her desire, so shall it be. Her choices were ‘Love Lifted Me’ and ‘At the Cross’, we replaced ‘At the Cross’ with ‘Amazing Grace’. These were sung by a sister and brother in her home church that she had asked many years before. (They sang at Daddy’s funeral in 1988.) In the scriptures that she wanted read was John 14:1-3, this passage refers to the mansion that is being built for us if we know Christ as our Savior. On our way to the doctor in March of 2006, I called a friend and asked if she would sing ‘Mansion Over the Hilltop’ when the time came and asked her sister, also a friend, to play the piano. I told the pianist I did not want any slow sad songs played. They were to be fast, peppy, happy songs because I knew Mother would be happy.

Always before when I would try to read what Mother had written about her funeral desires, I could not see because of the blur made by my tears. The 8th of December, I wrote her obituary as best I could not knowing all of the details of when death would be (Dec.15) and whether or not those to be asked could participate in her service, I then read all that she had written and prepared the information the paster would need and emailed it to him. No Tears! I have cried very very little for Mother since her death, in fact, almost none. No, I am not heartless, I did my crying before she died.

Do not judge me, I cannot lead, just walk beside me and be my friend.