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Friday, November 30th, 2007

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Friday, November 30th, 2007

Do you allow your children free reign at the computer or do you moderate what they are allowed to view and the games they are allowed to play? Children enjoy the mac games available, one of which is ‘Ladybugs’. This game is a collection of 3 maze games with more than a hundred levels, teaching colors and orientation. Another fun game for the girls is ‘Beauty Salon‘. This game is for the Diva who is always primping. Games for kids at this site are wholesome, fun and some educational so the parent can relax while their children enjoy the computer.


Friday, November 30th, 2007

This morning I went to see Mother. She was sleeping and in about the same position that she was Tuesday and Thursday when I saw her. The staff is telling me she is eating very little and drinking even less. This could be due to the fact that she may have an UTI or just her overall condition has deteriorated to this point.

On the way home I stopped by DD house and she came home with me and then she, DH and I went to MB to do a little shopping and shop we did. She and I walked round and round and round one of the stores there trying to find just the right gifts. Some we did and some we didn’t.

I am tired and have 3 very hard days to face at K-Mart. It will be fine when it is all over.

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BLOG your BLESSING 11-25-07

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

1) It is sometimes just so hard to decide which blessing to blog about. Let me start with the fact that we are having drizzling rain today. We are in drought conditions and any amount of rain is good.

2) Saw my brother and his wife briefly at the class reunion, we had and have different friends so we did not hang together.

3) I was totally surprised at what someone said to me at the reunion. It was very nice and thoughtful but because of the promise I made, I cannot share it.  If you are reading this:  Thank you so much, I really appreciate what you said!!

4) Seeing friends that I had not seen in years. Having an understanding husband whose attitude was not jealously and this allowed me to roam, speak and hug whomever I wanted in the expression of ‘I am glad to see you’.

5) Looking forward to my surgery.

6) The list could go on and on, but I will stop for today.

Visit others who have posted their blessings.

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Sunday, November 25th, 2007

dscf0503.JPGThis is the only picture that I had taken during the reunion. (click on to enlarge)  I am the gray headed one. My class had poor participation in the activities. Only 4 of us were at the multi-class function in the afternoon and only 8 at the dance. We originally had 32 classmates, now 3 of those are deceased.

I enjoyed seeing the friends that I had in classes above and below me. It was fun trying to figure out who such and such was. One of the girls I had not seen since she graduated in 1964, I knew the maiden name but called her by her sister’s name. Another I had not seen since 1963 and I knew her. Both had changed, but the face was enough the same to know who they were.

A younger classmate that I had study hall with just kept saying my name over a few times with unbelief in her voice and then she said “your hair, your hair, your hair is so pretty”. (Years ago my hair was very dark, almost black.)

I felt sorry for my husband. He knew only a couple of my classmates.

Another neat thing was a former student that graduated 15 years before I did and now attends the church I grew up in was there. I was not expecting to see her and neither she me. We only know each other because of church attendance.

My husband and I looked over my 1965 annual and did a comparison of those from my class we saw last night.

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OFF to the RACES

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

No, not really to the races. Going by the facility to see Mother then on to the class reunion. Hope to see a few of my old classmates. Maybe I will or maybe I won’t. Tell you later.

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Friday, November 23rd, 2007

I have too much to do to be sitting at this computer, but that is how I am. Maybe one day I will learn to manage my time better or discipline myself to just an hour or two a day in front of this small screen and key pad. NOT! who am I kidding. I can literally spend hours here reading other blogs and emails and occasionally shopping. Oh, I always read the obits. Yes, I am weird like that.

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Friday, November 23rd, 2007

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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Well some folks refer to tomorrow as Black Friday—to me , it will probably be a very busy Friday.  K-mart allows all of its merchandise to be put on lay-a-way except clearance items.  However until after Christmas no electronic item with a price of $200. or more will be allowed on lay-a-away.  What does this mean??? not much unless you work in lay-a-way and then it means a very very busy day.  K-Mart is having some super bargains tomorrow.

Knowing I will have a very busy and tiring day tomorrow, why am I still sitting here at this computer??  I am too tired to be sleepy and am afraid if I go to bed anyway, I will just toss and turn.  I will just have to take a chance and go on to bed because I need to leave my house no later than 4:45 in the am.  It is not good for my health to sit up any longer.

Nite  Til Next Time


Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

I have some farm land about 50 miles away that my parents gave to me. It is not much, only a few acres, but does not fall in the category of land for sale. I have played with the idea of selling all but about an acre around the house, but no one has offered what I think it is worth, so I will continue to rent the land to a farmer and make a little income from it that way.